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The Yearlings at Mountain Song Ranch

Last weekend, our horse trainer, Jeanette Arnaut, brought a couple of yearlings to our ranch to graze on our back pasture.  

My oldest daughter, Christina, and her quarterhorse Blue, would like to share them with you here.

Lady Gaga is the brown horse and Bunny is grey with a black mane, topline and tip of its tail.

She also has a white stripe on her nose, four white socks and the upper tail is white, too.

Both mares are less than six months old.  

Lady Gaga likes to run.

Bunny likes to eat oats.

Kinda cute. 

Thanks for checking out our photos!!

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One comment on “The Yearlings at Mountain Song Ranch

  1. Audrey La Penna
    February 24, 2010

    Don’t you just love them! Nothing like having those babies around you! Or horses et al! Guess that’s why I love my Mariposa girl!!!!!

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