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NVIDIA and Partners Deliver 3D to Notebooks, PCs and Cameras

NVIDIA today rocked Computex Taiwan by unveiling stunning new graphics processor support for the Windows DX11 API for netbooks and notebooks, and delivering mind-blowing 3D capabilities to PCs and cameras at Computex Taiwan.

According to a liveblog by NVIDIA’s Shanee Ben-Zur, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang started the keynote by showing how the Fermi processor family was built from the ground up to enable a new API that delivers 1.8 million polygons per frame, producing cinematic quality graphics to notebooks and netbooks. The combination of Fermi and the new Windows 7-based Microsoft Direct X11 API to deliver a 100x improvement over current graphics systems with automated shading and improved tesselation, which produces a richer, more realistic image at speeds comparable to cinema.

Tesselation is a complex cross between shading and automated focus control which also enables high-quality 3D imagery. By applying this breakthrough to the Windows-based API, NVIDIA “turned the GPU architecture upside down,” making it possible for developers to deliver 3D capabilities to virtually any digital platform.

And that’s precisely what NVIDIA proceeded to do, in a series of rapid-fire announcements.

Saying that 3D games will be the future, NVIDIA’s Huang and ASUS CEO Jerry Shen rolled out the ASUS ET2400 PC with NVIDIA 3D Vision emitter and surround-sound audio included as standard equipment. The on-stage demonstration included the first-ever 3D version of a Capcom next-generation game, which totally wowed the audience and created a rousing applause.

Next, NVIDIA said Sony is announcing that the Sony Alpha series of cameras will now support the NVIDIA 3D Vision ecosystem.

Then, Alice Chang of Cyberlink (which installs more than 100 million BluRay players in laptops and PCs annually) joined NVIDIA on stage to talk about 3D BluRay for the PC using the NVIDIA GeForce processor.

Finally, Microsoft GM Murray Vince joined the stage to say the Microsoft Silverlight  platform would support NVIDIA 3D through a web video client, enabling the feel of a local drive when streamed through the PC. As a demonstration of this online 3D delivery capability, he said Microsoft may stream the World Cup – largest televised event in the world – in 3D on Silverlight 4 this summer.

Freebie:  Check out this video of the NVIDIA Computex Press Conference setup – Not your ordinary stage project!

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