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Apps 2.0 Could Be the Biggest New Battleground in Tech

So we’ve seen Apple grow a huge ecosystem around its Applets.  Steve Jobs ran through the numbers last week. Hundreds of thousands of apps developed by tens of thousands of software programmers, targeting iPods, iPhones, iPads and new Apple TV.

We’ve seen the new hardware that supports the Apps, and we’ve gotten a glimpse of the new operating system, iOS 4.2 and iTunes’ new Ping social music platform.

But what I wanna know is, where is Apps 2.0?

We know it’s coming.

It has to be.

After all, the current generation of apps are dismal compared to the PC and Mac variation of the software they are meant to mimic.  Of course, that’s the point if you’re on a mobile device, right?

Well, no, not any more.

Apple’s own A4 device, has sufficient processing power to handle much more than the current generation of apps throws at it, and you can bet that’s not the only processor Apple is developing.

Similarly, the Android devices are going to get a whole new generation of processors as well.

Many of these systems will be multicore, with powerful parallel processing cores for games rendering. Perhaps they will come from Intel, which just released a new parallel processor-friendly software developer’s kit. Perhaps they will come from NVIDIA, which has already produced early generations of this capability. Or from the ATI division of AMD.

Wherever they come from, they will represent a huge area of new competition for Apple.

And you can bet that Apple won’t sit still. It won’t rely on a feeds-and-speeds war to keep itself ahead.

It’s going to create a new generation of Apps, and Android and other platforms – such as the Google App Inventor for Android – are going to have to respond.

Stay tuned, things are going to heat  up fast. Real fast.


5 comments on “Apps 2.0 Could Be the Biggest New Battleground in Tech

  1. Tom Foremski
    September 8, 2010

    Interesting idea. But what would an App 2.0 look like? How will we know when there is an App 2.0?

  2. Tom Foremski
    September 8, 2010

    Also: Powerfull apps can be created without a need for a powerful chip because you can offload a lot of processing to the cloud.

    • siliconcowboy
      September 8, 2010

      That’s true, Tom, and in areas like multiplayer games, that could definitely enhance the experience. But lightning fast, high-quality rendering also improves the experience, so the sum total of an App 2.0 environment could look and feel incredibly like an alternate reality to a game player.

  3. Guillermo | Social Media apps
    September 8, 2010

    The key for the apps is not only the processor. The devices are bringing all kind of specialized censors that allow developers to create all kind of new apps. And, as siliconcowboy says, if you add cloud services to the equation, the limit is only the imagination.

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