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Facebook and Twitter Need a Google Instant Search Capability

Google’s new Instant Search capability is a great idea.  It adds prediction and feedback to make your search experience faster, more interactive, and more intelligent.

Now, if we could just get Twitter and Facebook to come up with some thing similar!

As you may already know, Twitter search is limited to keywords. If you want to find a person, you have to use a separate search bar. But even doing a keyword search will bring up so much noise that it’s hardly useful…especially since, by clicking on any one result, you erase your entire search and have to go back to set it all up again to get back to where you were. Even hitting the back arrow key doesn’t help because the search is real time, so your previous search is history.

Facebook search is a little more intelligent. It gives you a handful of possible profile results and an option to see more. If you click on more, it breaks results down to people, pages, post by friends, and finally off-Facebook results from elsewhere on the web. But it’s far from interactive or predictive.

Why would we need a better search tool for Twitter and Facebook?  Why not?

I’ve had many instances where I recall that someone I know said or linked something on Twitter or Facebook and I wanted to find that quote or that reference, but the search tool makes it difficult to do so. Scrolling down the user’s profile is often just as difficult because they’re often very prolific and the material is several page views down.

How much easier a Twitter or Facebook search could be with an intelligent search capability such as that on Google Instant!


2 comments on “Facebook and Twitter Need a Google Instant Search Capability

  1. POC
    October 11, 2010
    iTunes instant search is a utility that creates instant iTunes search results as users look for downloads from the iTunes Store.
    Facebook Instant Search in all posts publics is a utility that creates instant facebook results on all public posts

  2. Barry
    October 18, 2010

    There is a Twitter instant search at! Very well done

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