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Why Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Put a Facebook Layer on Every Phone

Courtesy of The Next Web, and compiled by Jess3, this graphic clearly shows that cell phones are the biggest target for social applications. Not satisfied merely to provide a Facebook applet that may or may not find its way to a given phone, Mark Zuckerberg is hoping to create a software layer, probably in firmware, that would exist on every web-enabled cell phone, fully integrated with every feature of the phone.

If he accomplishes this, with the links and social ties that the world’s largest social platform creates, Facebook could wipe out the necessity for many other apps and position itself as the dominant search mechanism, likely becoming more commonly used than the phone’s own dialer and perhaps even its contact list.

And don’t think that’s not on his mind. As he told Business Insider earlier today:

“I think that most other companies are undervaluing how important social integration is.

Even the companies that are starting to come around are only thinking about it on a surface layer, where it’s like “OK, I have my product, maybe I’ll add two or three social features and we’ll check that box”.

That’s not what social is.

You have to design it in from the ground up…around the idea that your friends will be here with you. And those are fundamental building blocks [of social integration].

–Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook


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This entry was posted on September 24, 2010 by in Tech Trends.
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