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Steve Jobs is an Evil Genius in Halloween Garb

Earlier this month, Steve Jobs and Apple computer rolled out a ton of new products. One of these was a bite-sized “Apple TV.”

While on stage, Jobs barely talked about the Apple TV, coyly referring to it as a hobbyist’s device.

Yesterday, Business Insider called Jobs out, saying, “This isn’t the real Apple TV.”

And they are right.

But I’m not sure if they realize why Steve Jobs is hiding the real Apple TV.

The real reason is because Steve Jobs is an Evil Genius hiding in Halloween garb.  Or to put it another way, Apple Computer has the capability to turn what we now know as Network TV, Cable TV and Satellite TV, into teeny, tiny little Applets in the iTunes store and fully integrated with the Ping social media environment. (Those of you who have seen my blogs about Apps 2.0 will recognize these TV apps as a prime example of next-generation applets.)

And he doesn’t want the network bigwigs to figure that out. Because, when they do, they’re going to defrock him and show him for the evil guy they think he is. In other words, they’re going to roll out the big guns and fight Apple tooth and nail. They might even get the recording industry behind them.

Will Jobs relent, as he did over the Adobe Flash debacle? Will he fight back?

Or will he find some common, middle ground?

First of all, I think Steve Jobs knows better than to play the way Mark Zuckerberg does. He doesn’t shoot first and ask questions later.  However, he has been known to throw decoys into the alley, to see if they get shot up, how badly and by whom.

After that, he talks with industry insiders and makes the deals that are necessary to gain unstoppable traction.

And who might that be?

Well, he’ll have to get the necessary traction from one of three places: the networks themselves, his own iTunes + Ping customers base or most dreaded of all, Facebook and Zuckerberg.  He certainly won’t go to RIM or Google.

So, if that’s not the Apple TV Steve is holding, what is?

How about a 4G iPad, with an extra docking port for speakers, DVDs or large-screen hook up. Just speculation of course, but that could be the reason for the extra port found in patent drawings earlier this week.  Anyway, I’ve watched enough movies on the iPad to know it is a great viewing device.

So tune in really soon and don’t walk away during the commercials, because if I’m right, there’s going to be a whole lot of shaking of the Big Apple tree.

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