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Auto Parts Manufacturer Retools for Solar Projects

Samco Machinery Ltd., an auto parts manufacturer in Ontario, Canada, is retooling part of its plant to enable production of solar panel racking equipment. The renovation is expected to enable 60 new jobs and contribute further to the expansion of solar projects in and around Ontario.

Samco is updating its machinery and investing in new equipment to manufacture solar racking equipment in partnership with US-based SunEdison. Solar racking equipment is used to hold solar energy panels and angle them towards the sun. Samco Machinery estimates that 10 per cent of its business this year – and about half its business in 2011 – will come from the solar market. Since 2004, SunEdison has deployed more than 395 active solar power plants.

Ontario is becoming a leader in the clean energy  investment. In recent months, Ontario has attracted over $1 billion in private sector investment and created more than 1,400 jobs through clean energy investments, part of the province’s Open Ontario Plan to build a clean energy economy that creates jobs and protects our environment.

More than 1,300 solar projects are feeding electricity into Ontario’s grid, enough electricity each year to power over 19,000 homes.


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