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Michael Moore and the Mainstream Press

On Saturday, March 5, documentary producer Michael Moore gave the following speech at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin.

The basic premise of the speech is dead on: America is not going broke. The money’s just been siphoned off to an elite few, and they are maintaining their power by deflecting criticism from Wall Street manipulation to spending by the government.

I’ve not been a huge fan of Michael Moore in the past but in my view, this speech is spot on.

In fact, I think there’s a massive deconstruction effort underway, whereby the powerbrokers are trying to disassemble everything that they feel is in their way, e.g., government, health care benefits, unions and education outlays. The endgame is to privatize all of this, which would of course raise costs even further, widening the chasm between the rich and everyone else while permanently disenfranchising the unemployed and underemployed.

Moore’s speech outlines a simple but elegant interpretation of what is happening in America today, and as any scientist knows, the simpler explanation is often correct.

So why hasn’t the that mainstream press figured this out? Moore suggests that the powerbrokers have the media in their pocket, which may be true if you define the media as the pack journalists who cover Capitol Hill and the White House. This group really doesn’t think much beyond the short term, so it’s hard for them to see a bigger picture. And, they’re a different group than the reporters covering Wall Street, so they don’t often have the opportunity to make the necessary links.

Still, I think there’s another factor in this.

I think political operatives have deliberately obscured this deconstruction effort behind the veil of loud, politically driven media machines like Fox News, who have turned our political discourse into a bitter us-versus-them battle between Republicans and Democrats, when in reality, the fight is between those who have financial power and those who have none.

In any event, Moore has managed to rip down this veil, and the media are now beginning to get it.

It will be interesting to see  how this plays out going forward.

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