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Aggressive Chat Virus on Facebook

Facebook Virus Warning!

I’m seeing an aggressive chat virus on Facebook this morning.

The virus is propagated by hacking a user account and then taking over the chat utility within Facebook.  The virus then accesses the user’s friends list and begins initiating chats with the user’s friends. The chat begins with a prompt to check out a link, ostensibly to a video or a story, without any set up or other typical conversational opener.

If you see a chat window like this opening in your Facebook window, beware!

Close the window immediately. Opening the link will only infect your Facebook account and allow the virus to propagate to your own friends.

One of the more aggressive features of this virus is that it initiates the chat multiple times in an attempt to get friends to open the link. This is fairly unusual.

Because this virus is so aggressive, it is important to do your best to stop it.

Rather than just ignoring the chat, you should close it and then send a direct message to  the person whose account was hacked.  Alert them to the virus and ask them to change their password.

6 comments on “Aggressive Chat Virus on Facebook

  1. Lydia
    March 18, 2011

    In what form have you seen this? What are the messages coming up?

    • siliconcowboy
      March 18, 2011

      Hi Lydia, it was appearing in the Facebook Chat window as an ungrammatical teaser note followed by a link. There were a few variations and it was gone almost as quickly as it started. From the accounts I’ve seen, it swept through my community in about a day and a half, after infecting just a few individual accounts. Everyone was able to eradicate it by changing their passwords.

  2. Rhona
    March 27, 2011

    Quite a few of my friends have been caught out by this, it usually starts off saying “Omg,have you looked at this pic you were tagged in already!” With a link of some sort.

  3. brittany
    July 26, 2011

    i had a really slick one. a guy pops up a chat and says “hi. how are you”, i said “fine, you?” . and then asks me “wanna laugh??”(it was as if it WAS the actual guy talking to me). and i said “um, ok?” and then he says “is this you in this video??!!” and then i was like “oh god, you’re just a virus?” and then he posts this wierd link: and then i said “no thanks” and then he said “will be out for an hour. be back soon”.

    so the viruses are getting really really smart now. so look out, everyone

    • siliconcowboy
      August 12, 2011

      Very bizarre, but that’s a typical chat virus. By the way, you weren’t talking to a real person. that was an automated conversation. You could have typed in something like, “my duck needs feeding” and it would still have given you the same series of replies.

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