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Twitter in the Classroom? Facebook for Sociology? Why Not?

Social Media Club Silicon Valley Looks at Social Media as Education Tool

Twitter in the classroom? Facebook for sociology? YouTube for engineering?

Ideas like this were considered absurd only a couple of years ago, but the technology and reach of social media has improved at a rapid pace, prompting educators and entrepreneurs to reconsider the concept.

What are the new ideas? How are they being created by emerging start-ups – and recreated by stalwarts of industry?

The Silicon Valley Chapter of the Social Media Club takes a deep look at these trends with a panel discussion on Social Media in Education on March 24 at DeVry University. It will be a colorful panel discussion bringing out ideas from education consultants, startups revealing new Facebook-based courses, and even stalwart publications in the engineering discipline that have completely redefined their approach to educating the engineers of tomorrow.

Can social media be taken seriously as an education tool? How will it redefine the relationship between teachers, educational materials and students? Does social media open the education field in new and uncharted ways? Is this a good thing?

Join us on March 24 to find out the answers to these questions, or bring your own questions for our panelists!

Moderating the event this month will be Adam Helweh, CEO of Bay Area social media consultancy SecretSushi. Adam is an educator of sorts himself, having presented and taught social media techniques at numerous startups and corporations.

On the panel are:

Michael Staton, CEO and co-founder of Inigral Inc., makers of the Schools App for Facebook, which was the recipient of a Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation grant to “drive interconnectedness as a means to increase student retention and persistence in higher education.” Michael’s personal objective is to “be a part of meaningful innovations in the application of technology in  education and college readiness.” As an entrepreneur, socialite and evantelist, Michael specializes in college readiness, education pedagogy, Web 2.0 and development economics.

Angela Maiers an award-winning educator, speaker, consultant and professional trainer known for her work in literacy, leadership and global communications. She is a consistently energized and recognized worldwide speaker greatly impacting leadership through not only the education field, but the international business community as well. She harnesses her 20+ years of experience as an educator to speak to audiences worldwide about digital literacy and social technology in the classroom.

Brian Fuller is editorial director of EETimes, including the new EE Life community at EETimes Group. As such, he manages a number of social media initiatives designed to educate and inform the engineering community worldwide. Brian is an avid user of social media who also writes a popular blog on technology and journalism known as Greeley’s Ghost. Previously, Brian was managing editor of EETimes for 15 years and has worked as a director of communications and community at Numetrics and as senior vice president of digital media and content creation for Blanc and Otus.

Sign up early as seats will fill up quickly. In addition, this is a great opportunity to get involved with the new Silicon Valley chapter of the Social Media Club, meet others interested in social media and have a great evening!

As always, the event will feature food, drinks and excellent networking opportunities!


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