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Blast from the Past: Electronic News

I just found an archival site that houses old Electronic News Articles, including 95 pieces that I wrote between 1991 and 1993. I wrote more than that, but the service ‘s index only goes back to mid 1991.

Here is the list of articles that I wrote in this time period.  I started out writing about EDA and semiconductor equipment but finished up there as a semiconductor and systems beat reporter.

The first articles are the earliest, the last are the latest.

  1. Verilog Seeks Recognition as a Standard;col1

  1. Mentor, Siemens in EDA Accord: Impact on Cadence?;col1

  1. CFI Delays Initial Interface Standard;col1

  1. SGS Exec Tapped as Novellus President;col1

  1. Slow DRAM Market Hobbles Japan Equipment Outlays;col1

  1. Viewlogic sets $10-$12 a share IPO;col1

  1. Call Tool Integration EDA Key in ‘92;col1

  1. Report: Japan Materials Sales Grew 8% in ’91, US only 3%;col1

  1. Semiconductor Capital Equipment Spending Seen Falling 2% to $14B in 1992;col1

  1. Window for US AMLCDs Narrows as Japan Suppliers Close Tech Gap

  1. Mentor, ETEC in E-Beam Software Effort;col1

  1. Synopsys Tries to Stay #1 with IPO;col1

  1. New Novellus President Sights Triple Business;col1

  1. HP to Enter Merchant Masks;col1

  1. Insystems Looking for Investor or Buyer;col1

  1. EDA Prize Fight: Cadence vs. Mentor;col1

  1. Cadence Integrating Own and Valid Packs;col1

  1. Mentor, Matsushita in EDA Deal;col1

  1. Verilog may work with VHDL: OVL User Meeting;col1

  1. A Logical Progression: Logic Automation, Logic Modeling in swap merger agreement;col1

  1. CAE Software: Changing Direction Midstream;col1

  1. US Wafer Gear Hiked 1991 Share to Pass Japan, says VLSI Research;col1

  1. CFI Fills Tech Slot to Prove Long-Term Role;col1

  1. Synopsys Surprises Cadence, Picks Mentor for High-End Link;col1

  1. Shared Resources Eyes Low-End PCB Software;col1

  1. Cadence Has Mixed-Signal Option;col1

  1. CAE Software: OVI’s Multilingual Models;col1

  1. Cadence Calls for Merger of VHDL and Open Verilog;col1

  1. ETEC, Mentor Team on Software for Phase-Shift Mask IC Design;col1

  1. OP Specialties Acquires Insystems;col1

  1. ASM Litho Receives Taiwan I-Line Orders;col1

  1. Nikon Opens Semi Equipment R&D Unit;col1

  1. KLA Opt System Probes 0.2 Microns;col1

  1. Substrates: GaAs Use Seen Expanding;col1

  1. Users: Merged VHDL, Verilog Not Critical;col1

  1. Teradyne sells Design Systems to Crosscheck, Sophia of Japan;col1

  1. Cadence Snubs VHDL International, Pushes Verilog for ASIC Design;col1

  1. Cadence, Mentor in New Battlefield: ASICs;col1

  1. Cluster Tools Enhanced, May Soon Fabricate DRAMs, ASICs;col1

  1. IBM SMIFs Fabs for Cleanliness;col1

  1. President of 6 Months is out as Novellus turns to Former SVP;col1

  1. Top EDA Software Suppliers Boost 3rd Party Programs;col1

  1. Mitsubishi Funds ‘Ultraclean’ Start-up;col1

  1. Sematech drops Genus TiN CVD in favor of Varian PVD;col1

  1. Software Aids CPU Design Simulation;col1

  1. Die Sizes, Defects and Politics will Play Roles in Gigabit Fabs;col1

  1. Porting EDA Software to Windows NT Raises Spectre of Pricing Pressure;col1

  1. LAM, Novellus will Cluster;col1

  1. Varian Opens User, R&D Applications Lab;col1

  1. Cadence Debuts System Design Software;col1

  1. Maxtor sets Subsystem Spin-out to Management Team;col1

  1. Genus Window of Opportunity;col1

  1. Phase-Shift Mask: Not Quite There Yet;col1

  1. PC Storage Market Climate Teaming Disk, Tape Firms;col1

  1. Tektronix Reaches Agreement on Investor’s Board Seats;col1

  1. KLA in Bid to Buy Tencor;col1

  1. Fab Partnering Taking on Urgency;col1

  1. DOS Data Compression Raises Concern;col1

  1. Test Equipment: Back on Track;col1

  1. Surprise! Price War Expected;col1

  1. Korean Fab Orders: DRAM Ramp Omen?;col1

  1. Boundary Scan May Hike Test Time;col1

  1. Flat Panel Consortium Makes Pitch to DARPA;col1

  1. General Signal: Adios to IC Production Units;col1

  1. Fab Market Flat for ‘93;col1

  1. Applied Magnetics to Shed Contract Units;col1

  1. General Signal Sets Ultratech Buyout; GCA Slims to Lure Suitors;col1

  1. General Signal Divestitures Aired;col1

  1. EDA Consortium Unveils Interoperability Spec;col1

  1. Cypress, SUN: HyperSPARC Tension;col1

  1. XEROX shows FPD Teaser;col1

  1. National Sues Loral on CCD Patents;col1

  1. Dell Claiming Patent Rights after Aiding Local Bus Spec;col1

  1. Intel, Microsoft Drive Plug-compatible Bid;col1

  1. HyperSPARC Eyes Union with Intel on P6 Processor;col1

  1. Sun’s Five-Year Course charts TI SuperSparc Heading;col1

  1. Statute of Limitations on Moore’s Law?;col1

  1. AMD Ramps 5V Flash Production;col1

  1. HyperSPARC Slow Going with Sun Micro;col1

  1. AMD Hustles Intel Clone: ‘Cleanroom’ parts in July;col1

  1. Intel Lawsuit Hits AMD 486 Again;col1

  1. Import Probe Sought by Intel vs AMD/Cyrix Users;col1

  1. Fujitsu to buy Cypress SPARC Unit;col1

  1. Tandy Quits Computer Production;col1

  1. Personal Devices Pick up Steam Across the Industry;col1

  1. IBM’s Newest Merchant Effort Targets Atmel-Licensed FPGAs;col1

  1. Intel Suffers Setback;col1

  1. Bull-Packard Bell Signals PC/Retail Tumult;col1

  1. SunMicro, Intergraph to Develop 64-bit CPU;col1

  1. AMD Rolls Out ‘Cleanroom’ 486s;col1

  1. Intel Starting FLASH Ramp After Process Transfer Stall;col1

  1. Tandem Speeds Shift to RISC;col1

  1. Newton Flash: Intel Inside;col1

  1. Rockwell Eyes Western Digital Fab in IC Push;col1

  1. Lockheed to Build Iridium Satellites;col1

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