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YouTube Offers Free Video Production Workshop in Google Plus Hangouts

Have you been struggling with your video production skills and need assistance? Starting Wednesday July 18, YouTube is offering a 12-week series of free weekly workshops in a Google Plus Hangouts on Air called YouTube Creators Google Plus .

The free workshops start at noon Pacific Time (3pm on the East Coast) and last for 12 weeks, ending October 3. They’re jam-packed with valuable information that might cost hundreds of dollars to obtain anywhere else.

The first three segments will deal with pre-production, then five weeks of production sessions and four weeks devoted to post-production. Viewers can drop in at any time and it isn’t necessary to view them all. A full schedule of session topics can be seen at the YouTube Creators Blog.

Pre-Production sessions will include a product overview, pre-visualization and storyboarding and choosing your equipment.  Production sessions will include an introduction of cinematography, lighting, sound, and green screen techniques.  Post-Production sessions will delve into basic editing techniques, color correction, sound mixing, developing your audience and using YouTube Analytics.


One comment on “YouTube Offers Free Video Production Workshop in Google Plus Hangouts

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    January 12, 2013

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