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You, with your hands on the grip of another disaster.

You, with your hands on the grip of another disaster, hear me:
If you desperately want your moment of fame, your blaze of glory, your 10 seconds or 30 minutes or year in the spotlight, please, do the rest of humanity this one favor:
Challenge yourself to make it good.
Not violent or shocking or terrifying or demoralizing. This will only shame your cause.
Make it good.
You have a brain and a heart. You have empathy but you don’t feel you’re understood or perhaps even heard.
Well that’s not true.
If you have the capacity and will to command attention through a senseless act of violence, you also have what it takes to uncover injustice, to shine a light on our folly, to do good.
Try this, instead. Do good.

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This entry was posted on July 24, 2012 by in Art of Communication.
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