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Training the Liberal Mind to Succeed

The great challenge of the liberal mind is maintaining balance in these areas:
Peace, Compassion, Progress, Leadership, Creativity and Humility.

  • Peace out of balance becomes stillness, and lack of activity
  • Compassion out of balance becomes protectiveness and dependence
  • Progress out of balance begets greed and jealousy
  • Leadership out of balance becomes heartless and vengeful
  • Creativity out of balance becomes escapist and distances us
  • Humility out of balance becomes ineffective meekness

But when these things are all moving together, we can sow a constant field of nurturing ideas, positive developments that improve lives, bring joy to those around us, and sustain our planet.
Humility, the hardest principle of all to master, teaches that we sometimes sow weeds that must be torn from the earth and discarded.


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