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Five Memes that Need to Die Swiftly

Taylor SwiftI love that Taylor Swift song, “We Are Never Getting Back Together.” I think of it every time I see these tired themes come up.  Can we agree to split up with them forever…ever…ever?

  1. The Power of Failure. Haven’t we failed enough already? I get it, but this one is so overdone, by everyone, that it’s completely burnt toast by now.  And still, I’m left wondering, if failure is such a great attribute, how come hiring departments don’t see it that way?
  2. The Amazing Rise of Women into the Executive Ranks. Amazing? Are you kidding me? Women should have been in executive ranks in droves by now.  In 2013, I want to see more stories about how amazing it is that overfed white males are being kicked off of corporate boards for raking in millions of dollars to do a few days’ worth of work a year.
  3.  The Angel Bubble. Are you high? There’s billions of dollars stashed in offshore bank accounts and millionaires throughout Silicon Valley and New York are dying to figure out ways to shelter billions more.  Sure, investors are trying to be a little more sane about their approach to startups, but that’s not to say the money is gone.
  4. The dominance of Apple Computer. Sorry, but this is just a fairy tale, popular with the same folks who think Occupy Wall Street was a disorganized street gathering.  The simple truth is that Apple’s products are priced to appeal primarily to rich Americans, and Android devices are booming in popularity around the world.
  5. Smart Meters will Save Energy. Think again. That’s like saying high-octane gasoline will make you drive less.  Sure, smart meters can do an exceptional job of tracking energy usage in your home … perhaps too good for some, who argue that intruders can eavesdrop  on the devices to determine whether you are home, how many people occupy the dwelling or even, whether some form of manufacturing is going on. But they can’t save energy. You have to do that yourself, either by manually switching off devices when they are not in use or buying new, smarter appliances that can shut themselves down.

One comment on “Five Memes that Need to Die Swiftly

  1. Neil Hendin
    December 15, 2012

    I agree, but would like to comment on #5. One good way to loose weight is to weigh yourself regularly, so you have a metric. If the smart meters enabled a good display of energy usage (like on a small display on a thermosat or an Android / iOS app) one might be better able to judge your power usage. Imagine a display saying your current usage is $0.68 per hour or whatever. It would game-ify the solution to lowering usage.

    Obviously smart meters are not able to completely do that yet, as they exist for the convenience of the power company, not the user. But there is no reason they couldn’t do it.

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