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SiliconCowboy’s Best Blog Posts of 2012

nugentJust for fun, I have compiled my 15 favorite posts of 2012. There were many more, but these are the ones that stood out for me. Three of these posts – the personality profiles – were first published in the Social Media Club Journal.

  1. What’s Right and Wrong with America – and Why – America grapples with its love of personal freedom – and rules for everyone else
  2. Semiconductor Companies Need Social Media – How the companies that started it all missed the boat
  3. Adam Helweh: A Self-Taught Social Media Powerhouse – Profiling one of the most active social media strategists in the industry
  4. SiliconCowboy Gets a New Gig – About my new job writing for SV411
  5. Ted Nugent is an Irresponsible Idiot – Why this self-appointed spokesman for the NRA is actually one of the worst violators good hunting protocol
  6. The Integrated Circuit was First Described 60 Years Ago Today – A look at the first person to conceive of integrated circuits and why he didn’t go on to do it
  7. GOP Tells Military to Stop Using BioFuels – Brazen attempt to kill the alternative fuels industry
  8. Powerful Malware Attacks Computers in the Middle East – This was probably the biggest tech story of the year
  9. The 10 Worst Things a Hacker Could Do with Your LinkedIn Profile – a humorous look at an innocuous hack
  10. Robert Scoble: Just Another Geek Who Grew Up in Silicon Valley – a personality profile of a tech industry influencer
  11. Storytelling With Social Media – Taking the ‘storytelling’ approach up a few notches
  12. Buyosphere CEO Tara Hunt: Massive Whuffie Trumps an Unclear Path – My most in-depth social media profile to date
  13. First Smartphone Revealed at Comdex 20 Years Ago Today – Can you believe the smartphone is already 20?
  14. Can a Corporate Blog Break Hard News? Oh Yes. and How to Turn a Corporate Blog into a News Source – a two-part look at corporate news blogging
  15. Mass Murders in America: What Can We Possibly Do? – Exploring the deadly cocktail of mental health issues and easy availability of fire arms in America

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