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Were the Five Recent/Worst Mass Murderers in the US Democrats?

Roger HedgecockAs of about mid-January 2013 there is a blog post circulating, mostly among conservatives, that suggests that “The Five Recent/Worst Mass Murderers in the US [With a Gun] Were all Registered Democrats.”

The post reportedly originates with former San Diego mayor and conservative radio talk show host Roger Hedgecock (who by the way was exempted 1-Y and later 4-F from military service due to severe acne and was forced from office after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy in connection with alleged corruption).

Hedgecock (photo, right) makes the claim in this recording of his broadcast on Radio America, a broadcasting affiliate of the ultra-conservative American Studies Center. In the same broadcast, he accused a Democratic congressman from California of supporting gun legislation to make it easier for drug cartels to import illegal drugs to the US.

Still, the claim has been made. The worst mass murderers are Democrats. Is it true?


Let’s take a look at it from the top down.

First, you’re obviously likely to see this argument in connection with gun control conversations, particularly because the most rabid defenders of the Second Amendment appear to be conservatives with a penchant for conspiracy theories and outrageous claims…like Hedgecock’s broadcast, for example. They just can’t help but post it…even though it is wrong.

Second, the claim says that the “five worst/recent mass shootings” were by registered Democrats. It doesn’t say worst OR most recent, but a combination of the two. In effect, this admits that the broadcaster was picking and choosing…but they chose wrong.

Third, there’s always a statistical probability that any random group of five people will include all members of the same political party…but these guys weren’t.

Fourth, there’s reason to believe that a good number of murderers in the US used political affiliation as a means to get access to victims. Several pretended to be cops or government workers, some joined or led youth organizations, some – such as Gabby Gifford’s shooter (not mentioned here, by the way) –  attended political rallies just so they could shoot their intended victims. So political affiliation can be as much intentional ruse as anything else…although in this case, that argument simply doesn’t apply.

Notwithstanding all of the above, the claim that “the worst/recent mass shooters in the US were Democrats” is just plain wrong.

The Aurora Theater shooter, James Eagan Holmes, claimed to be politically moderate on his Facebook page. There is no evidence, as claimed in the post (but not the radio show) that he ever worked for the Obama campaign or Occupy Wall Street. Even though he already was seeing a psychiatrist for his mental illness, Holmes was able to legally purchase all of his weapons in Colorado, a state with some of the most liberal gun laws in the nation,

The Virginia Tech Shooter, Seung-Hui Cho, also named in this list, was a Korean national with known mental disorders since he was a child. Like many other spree and serial killers, his parents were strict, conservative and strongly devout (in this case Christian) and he railed against their oppressiveness…an attitude he carried into adulthood. There is no evidence that he was ever politically affiliated. His background check for his weapons purchases would have failed if he had honestly self-disclosed his mental conditions…an obvious flaw in the system enabled through lax state background check requirements. He did threaten the president…in a video that he made concurrent with his preparations to carry out the shooting. I’m sure if Presidents Carter or Clinton had been in office at the time he would have blamed them, too.

The Sandy Hook Shooter, Adam Lanza, also named in this list, was psychologically disturbed from an early age and had no known political affiliation or leanings. He was home schooled by his controlling mother…who also happened to be an active survivalist, stockpiling weapons and provisions and training her sons in semi-automatic weapons use in expectation of a violent future event. There is evidence that the shooting was triggered by his mother’s stated intention to have him institutionalized.

Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood Shooter, also on this list, was a Muslim and a psychiatrist with paranoid delusions who led a heavily conflicted life as an Army psychiatric aid during the Bush war on terrorism. He was suspected by many of his colleagues of being complicit with the enemy. Investigations showed that he frequented mosques in the US where he was likely to have met known terrorists. It’s doubtful that his personal political affiliation, if he had one, would have ever been ‘Republican.’  He had extensive weapons training and ready access to weapons on base.

Finally, the Columbine shooters, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, were too young to have political affiliations. Harris was considered a clinical psychopath and Klebold was depressive. Harris’ father was a retired Air Force pilot. Both boys were well documented to have been excessively bullied in school. They extensively  planned their killing spree over many months. They acquired weapons through third parties and built some 93 homemade explosive devices.

If there is a consistent thread of association among any of these people, it is that they all felt personally oppressed by some forceful entity in their lives…usually a parent, but also other kids, and they tended to carry that oppression with them, and project it on others in their lives. This is highly consistent with the kind of mental illness that would, and did, provoke their violent outbursts.

There is one other thread consistent with many of these shooters, a very powerful one. That is, there was plenty of readily apparent evidence ahead of the shootings that none of them should ever have possessed a gun.

97 comments on “Were the Five Recent/Worst Mass Murderers in the US Democrats?

  1. Mary Belcher
    February 8, 2013

    excellent response; I wonder if some Americans are beginning to feel ‘oppressed’ by the NRA and the Republican party…

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  3. Marty Mason
    March 16, 2013

    Any real American would be a rabid defender of the 2nd amendment. That you are obviously not so undermines your entire argument.

    • Dan Holden
      March 23, 2013


      • Dan Holden
        April 4, 2013

        UPDATE: In fact, it appears that the Sandy Hook shooter was a card-carrying member of the NRA, possessing large amounts of NRA literature and instruction manuals in addition to an impressive arsenal of weapons, all of which he kept under lock and key…in his own room.

      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 4, 2013

        Could you lie any more Mr. Holden? Allow me to show your readers the entire list of everything found in his room via a search warrant, except for guns, clips and bullets, there was a lot of them, that would have taken up to much space, My point is to demonstrate there was no large amounts of NRA literature as Mr. Holden claims. In fact the contents found via the search warrant revealed absolutely none, and instruction manuals, come with guns when they are purchased. However Mr. Holden feels he can mislead his readers into thinking Adam Lanza was a republican simply because he was a member of the NRA. As if there are no democrat members of the NRA.
        The NRA certificates the police found in the house had nothing to do with formal NRA membership — they were awarded for completion of training and safety courses that had been certified by the NRA, the nation’s largest gun safety training organization.
        In a sharply worded statement, the NRA said, “There is no record of a member relationship between Newtown killer Adam Lanza, nor between Nancy Lanza, A. Lanza or N. Lanza with the National Rifle Association. Reporting to the contrary is reckless, false and defamatory.”
        Yet Mr. Holden has no problem what so ever regurgitating propaganda, par for the course for a democrat.
        Now on to the list.
        Metal bayonet
        1 6-foot-10-inch wood-handled two-sided pole with a blade on one side and a spear on the other
        1 Samurai sword with a 28-inch blade and sheath
        1 Samurai sword with a 21-inch blade and a sheath
        1 Samurai sword with a 13-inch blade and sheath
        1 knife with a 12-inch blade and sheath
        1 wooden-handle knife with a 7.5-inch blade and sheath
        1 wooden-handle knife with a 10-inch blade
        1 knife with a 5.5-inch blade and sheath
        1 black-handled knife with a 7-inch blade and sheath
        1 black rubber-handled knife with 9.5-inch blade and sheath
        1 white and brown-handled knife with 5-inch blade and sheath
        1 brown wood-handled knife with a 10.25-inch blade
        1 Panther brown-handled folding knife with a 3.75 inch blade
        1 small blue folding knife

        1 Volcanic .22 starter pistol wth 5 live rounds and 1 expended round
        Lightning L3 ear protection
        Peltor ear plugs
        Simmons binoculars
        Uncle Mike’s Sidekick nylon holster
        Box for vest accessories
        Leather dual magazine holder
        Black leather handgun holster
        High Sierra fanny pack
        Numerous paper targets
        1 cardboard targets
        1 Bushnell sport view rifle scope
        Plastic bag of miscellaneous parts
        Safari land holster paperwork
        Glock handgun manual
        MD-20 20-round shotgun magazine manual
        MD Arms V-Plug guide
        Bushmaster XM15 and C15 instruction manual
        Savage Arms bolt-action rifle manual
        Glock paperwork

        Adam Lanza’s NRA certificate
        Nancy Lanza’s NRA certificate
        Three photographs with images of what appears to be a deceased human covered with plastic and what appears to be blood
        Holiday card with a check from Nancy Lanza to Adam Lanza for purchase of C183 firearm
        1 digital print of a child and various firearms
        1 military-style uniform
        Handwritten notes with addresses of local gun shops
        Receipts and emails documenting firearm and ammunition supplies
        Blue folder labeled “guns” with receipts and paperwork
        Paperwork titled “Connecticut Gun Exchange Glock 20SF 10mm” dated 12-21-11
        Sandy Hook report card for Adam Lanza
        New York Times article on a 2008 shooting at Northern Illinois Unversity
        Books: “Look me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s;” “Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Mind of an Autistic Savant;” “NRA Guide to Basics of Pistol Shooting;” “Train Your Brain to Get Happy”
        1 Seagate Barracuda 500gb hard drive, damaged
        1 custom-built desktop computer, no hard drive
        1 Microsoft Xbox with partially obliterated serial number
        One cotton swab of blood-like substance
        1 tan sheet with blood-like substance
        1 tan fitted sheet with blood-like substance
        1 striped towel with blood-like substance

        Feel like a fool yet Mr. Holden, you should. Unlike you I pride myself on research vs boldly regurgitating unfounded garbage.
        You are without a doubt, just a Nescient Lemming. So sad.

    • scubagolfjim
      April 18, 2013

      Any Real American would defend the 2nd Amendment as it SHOULD be defended. You have the right to have a firearm. The Government has the right to place restrictions on the types of firearms you may legally have. (Don’t believe me? Check SCOTUS decisions. Also, can you have a nuclear bomb? A daisy-cutter? A sidewinder missile?) That you are so ignorant of these allowed restrictions undermines your entire argument. An assault-style weapon or large round magazines should be as difficult to acquire as a “silencer.” Know many criminals with those? Huh? They are legal to obtain. Oh, if we just had people on “your side” that could understand the meaning of the word “reasonable.”

      • Jessica Neubauer
        April 25, 2013

        Thank you.

      • Dexter Roy
        July 4, 2013

        the word “reasonable” as it appears where?
        certainly not in the constitution.
        The word unreasonable is used in the 4th amendment against “unreasonable searches”, the word reasonable does not appear anywhere in the US Constitution.

      • Dan Holden
        July 13, 2013

        “Reasonable” is all over case law. Study it.

      • Completely agree with you. You should be able to bear arms, but only for self defense and sporting. Assault rifles such as the AR-15 belong with the military, not civilians.

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        June 24, 2014

        Really, A silencer goes on a handgun, allowing you to kill someone in a crowded public place virtually undetected. Can you walk into a crowded public place with an assault rifle undetected? Your comparison is fundamentally flawed. And silencers can not be purchased, like an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine, plus it’s a mandatory 5 year federal prison sentence just to be in possession of one. You take an assault weapon, and I’ll take my Glock with normal clips, and I can do just as much damage as you just as fast, because I can change out an empty clip for a full one in a blink of an eye. You think laws prohibiting the sale of extended clips will stop anyone from getting them that wants them, LMAO. Hell machine guns are illegal, so I guess nobody has them huh. Drugs are illegal, I guess nobody has any. Murder, rape, theft, it’s all illegal, I guess it doesn’t happen then, huh? LAWS, LAWS, LAWS. All gun restriction laws do is take the weapons out of the hands of people that should have them, and put them in the hands of those that shouldn’t. banning something means criminals will be the only ones with them. I swear you idiots have turds for brains.

  4. A
    March 23, 2013

    You claim to be refuting the claim that all these shooters were Democrats. Problem is, nowhere in this article do you actually address or refute that claim!!! And Muslim is not a political party…it’s a religion.

    • Dan Holden
      March 23, 2013

      Maybe you should read it again.

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        October 4, 2014

        Apparently you and Micah Penner need to revisit the constitution, specifically the 2nd amendment. Our right to bear arms wasn’t put there simply to hunt and defend ourselves from criminals. It was installed so the citizens of this country could rise up and throw off a tyrannical government should the need arise. If our arms are limited, then that would make that task pretty much impossible now wouldn’t it? But then again you democrats love having government control every aspect of life except your baby killing, and homosexual escapades. Fight hard for the right to kill unborn children, and fight just as hard to stop the executions of convicted murderers.
        Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in the leftwing lunatic ideology?

      • Dexter Roy
        July 4, 2013

        So are you supporting his case that he refuted that these people were democrats or accusing him of plagiarism?

  5. Matt Portch
    March 31, 2013

    In those cases you mention above, would not all of them have been sooner halted had armed persons been present? It is amazing that a military base had so many soldiers without sidearms!

    The world is a challenging jungle of survival. In so-called civilized populations, there are still going to be acts of barbarianism. It is human nature, apparently. I doubt there could ever be a scenario wherein the whole planet is living as in the Garden of Eden, with near total innocence and no competitive nature to outperform those around you. Do not sports and other competitions beget winners and losers? In the wild, competition exists as part of nature’s breeding rituals, right? It is too bad that I just mentioned creationism and evolution in the same paragraph. No honest way for me to avoid it, I guess.

    There will always be a primal instinct by some, to dominate and/or, control. It may be triggered by environmental factors, ultimately; but it is also stimulated from birth to improve ourselves within our genetic structure. To try and breed that out would result in a very vulnerable populace that would have to sit and wait while animals of nature mowed through our gardens.

  6. Barack
    April 2, 2013

    I agree with A. You prattle on and make excuses for the murderers but you do not provide any evidence that they are not Democrat affiliated. Your documentation is simply your opinion that it isn’t true. Additionally, when it appears that they probably were Democrats you “theorize” that they are the victims of Republicans. I’ll continue on my search for real documentation about this controversy. However, don’t fool yourself that you’ve addressed the point because you haven’t. . . Fail.

    • Dan Holden
      April 4, 2013

      Good luck with that, LOL.

      • Dexter Roy
        July 4, 2013

        So in your article which is complaining about lack of evidence to support the claims of one person, you state that they are wrong, and don’t feel the need to present evidence that they are wrong, just an assertion that there is little evidence to prove they are right.
        And then claim victory in your proving them wrong.

      • Dan Holden
        July 13, 2013

        Dexter, I look at it like this. The guy made a heinous assertion about a group of murderers. He backed it with no evidence whatsoever. I pointed out that he backed it with no evidence whatsoever. There is another writer whose article is cited in the comments to this page, his piece an excellent job of analyzing the evidence. Bottom line: No, the five most recent/worst mass murderers were not Democrats. End of story. Can I claim victory? No. I merely took the asshole off the grandstand long enough to allow a few people to look at the claim in greater depth.

    • Greg
      May 2, 2013

      I disagree. I see a point well made that there is nothing pointing to these peoples political views except perhaps that they were extreme to say the least. He never said they were republicans. Reread the article and find where he says anything about them being repubs. I do not understand what the hell politics has to do with this issue anyway. It was wrong, basically now and forever wrong. He makes the point that none of these killers should have had access to guns based on thier mental issues. Are we so polarized in this country that we cannot even agree that the murder of these children in thier own school was wrong? Do we have to make everything a political debate and a chance to point fingers and blame each other. If a bartender can be sued for letting a drunk try to drive home and kill a family why then can a gun dealer not be held accountable for selling a gun to an insane person. Maybe this idea is a bit overboard but it still shows the hypocrisy. If someone who sells guns legally out of his place of business has to do background check then isn’t it constitutionally fair and equal to require the same of gun shows and internet sales? What if trigger locks were mandatory for weapons when the owner was not present or anywhere near the weapon? Could we then hold the irresponsible party accountable for allowing that gun to be picked up by thier mentally volitile child shooting up a school? These are questions that should be asked and debated, not whether we should have guns at all, not whether these reprobates are dems or repubs, and certainly not reading into this situation things that aren’t said and things to distract us from working together for a real solution that even if it saves a few lives is well worth the effort and sacrifice. Here is another point on this issue…. it wasnt just the NRA championing the 2nd amendment and gunmakers profits. The same people that makes these weapons are the same people that make them for the military and as one of our most esteemed Generals that became president said. “The biggest threat to the american way of life is the military industrial complex”.

      • Cliff
        September 23, 2013

        I am staunchly Conservative, I believe in being able to exercise ALL of my rights as protected by the Constitution, and I could care less about party affiliation. Killing is wrong PERIOD. However, I do believe in self-defense, and the use of deadly-force in the defense of oneself, or someone else, but ONLY as a last resort. This is something MOST Conservatives believe. As far as these mass murderers are concerned, I agree, they NEVER should have had access to ANY kind of weapon. Unfortunately Greg, YES, this country has become that polarized. WHY? most likely due to the fact that half of this country believes in adhering to the Constitution as it is written, and the other half thinks the Constitution is to be trampled upon, its meaning, changed and twisted to suit their personal needs, desires, and agendas. Therein lies the rift. The trouble with having the kind of freedom we still enjoy in this country, is that it REQUIRES, people who live under it, to be responsible for THEMSELVES. Just the idea, that someone can blame and hold responsible, someone else for their own mistakes, failures, poor decisions, problems, etc, etc is ludicrous on the face of it. AS FREE PEOPLE, WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OURSELVES. Your idea, that the salesman at a gun shop should be held responsible for some illegal action a gun-buyer committed, is no less insane than a bartender being held responsible for a drunk driving a car! Using such logic, a student in school can blame the pencil he or she used for failing a test. This type of logic is ONLY found coming from liberals, who refuse to be responsible for their own actions. Unless psychological impairment is something listed in a background check, how is a salesperson to know of such impairment? However, if a salesperson sells a gun to someone, who does not pass the instant background check at the time of purchase, or does not conduct the check prior to the sale, then YES, that salesperson should be held accountable for HIS actions, and YES I believe there should be a stiff penalty, again, as would MOST Conservatives tell you. As for gun shows not doing background checks. I have been to many gun shows, and every time I purchased a firearm at one of them, YES, they did the very same background check as is done in a gun store. As for purchasing guns online, by law, it requires the purchaser to have a valid FFL, Federal Firearms License. You ask what if gun owners, were required to have trigger locks on their firearms? I ask, what if, to stop drunks from driving would it then be appropriate for all cars to be equipped with built in breathalyzers, that stops a drunk driver from starting their car? Do you realize, that there are as many people are killed every year by drunk drivers as are killed by firearms, and that includes ALL deaths by firearm, such as death by police officer, self-defense, murder, mass murder etc. As for the NRA, they don’t just champion the 2nd Amendment, they champion ALL of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. As well, they are the nations strongest advocate for gun safety, providing free classes to teach the responsible ownership and safe use of all firearms. They also strongly advocate for the prosecution, and imprisonment of criminals, especially those criminals using a firearm in the commission of a crime. It is just a shame that liberals who don’t know or care about the truth, want to blame the NRA, every time a gun is used in a crime. Finally, as for this “military industrial complex” you speak of, it is ONLY because of the companies who make weapons, and the equipment that goes with them, that we can live in a nation, where we are relatively safe if not immune, from attack by our enemies, it is only because of such companies that our brave soldiers and others in the military called upon by our government to go to war, that they have a reasonable expectation of coming home again, and it is only because of these companies, that law enforcement agencies at every level in this country, have what they need to keep us, the citizen, relatively safe in our cities, and towns. Now there is always the exception to every rule, just like it is an exception for a plane to fall out of the sky killing the hundreds of people on board, it is an exception for such mass murders as Columbine and others to take place. We don’t blame the manufacturer or the salesperson of the aircraft, so why should we blame the manufacturer or salesperson of a firearm? Just one more thing you should take note of, I don’t know the political leanings of the perpetrators of these mass murders, or why it should even matter. But if you do a little more research, you will find more than half of the mass murders in this country, have taken place in the short time Obama has been President, and most of them, have occurred in liberal, or liberal leaning states. So with that in mind, can we now say Obama with his policies and liberal states with theirs, are pushing citizens over the edge to commit such heinous crimes??

  7. Harry Hedgecock
    April 3, 2013

    OK, after reading your obviously bias opinion of republicans, and you attempting to ruin Roger Hedgecock’s credibility based on the fact, he resigned over a crime, and got out of the draft with a medical condition? As if that somehow that automatically makes his statements false, till the end of time. I really don’t understand your stupidity on that one. By your own standards Obama should never be believed or trusted again, ever. But I’m sure your twisted little brain doesn’t see it that way.
    You’re a pathetic little man, not only that but absolutely nothing you said proved these people were not democrats. All you did was ramble on about how they had mental issues. Well DUH, 75% of the democrat party has mental issues, you included, obviously.
    Your party demonstrates their insanity daily, I’ll give you some examples.
    Man shoots up a school, first thing out of your mouths is how can you punish law abiding citizens by cramming more hoops for them to jump thru down their throats, and banning assault weapons, or extended clips. When a mentally disturbed person wants to kill people, do you really think a gun ban, or regulations will stop him/her? 1 teacher with a gun, could have ended that whole thing after the first shot was fired. But no, your parties idiotic idea is to make it harder for the honest people to defend themself.
    Then we have the real nuts, that argue the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment, for a convicted murderer, as if what he did to his victims, and their families wasn’t cruel, and unusual. No your party would rather let the tax payers take care of these animals for the rest of their life costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars keeping them alive, while their victims lie in a box rotting away. As if that’s not bad enough these same freaks that want to spare these murderers lives, fight for women to actively murder unborn children, as a form of birth control, and spit in the face of all the tax payers that oppose this atrosity by spending tax dollars to pay for these promiscuous women, and doctors to murder these unborn children. Insane enough for you.
    Then for all 8 years of the Bush adminstration you people cried like babies that he was spending to much, and I’ll give you that, he was. But what happens, Obama promises to balance the budget, and cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, so you fools elected him. Did he keep his promise? Hell no he went the complete opposite direction, by not balancing the budget, tripled the deficit, and added 6 trillion in new national debt, in only 4 years. The whole time blaming Bush. By the way, you really don’t want to get me started on who busted our economy, I can promise you one thing, it wasn’t Bush. Try looking up, CRA, GLB, those 2 things are the main reason our economy is in a shambles, that and Freddie, and Fannie with their preditory lending. Bush only added 5 trillion with 2 wars, and 8 years. Now when Obama got asked by the media if he is going to work on balancing the budget, his answer was without hesitation, NO. Yet you fools not only re-elected this Liberal Nazi, but will support him no matter what ignorant mistakes he makes, and he has already made a ton of them. Your party disgusts me.
    Hope you enjoyed my butt chewing.
    BTW I am not related to Roger Hedgecock, I just have the same last name.

    • Dan Holden
      April 4, 2013

      Thanks, Roger.

      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 5, 2013

        Here is a demonstration of the type of research you need to do before you post things on you blog. When you don’t it makes it really easy for someone like me with a modicum of writing skills to hammer you with facts, making you look stupid.
        Not that you don’t do a fine job of that all by your lonesome.
        Zombie fiction writer, ROTFLMFAO! Definitely your speed, (Fake Garbage).
        Humble Jesus
        Taking Forever
        The Economics of Strategic Despair, (Don’t make me laugh, as if you have a clue).
        Bear and the Red Dress
        Kimiko, A Christmas Story
        A Downey Thanksgiving
        Pocketful of Cash- (You wish)
        Old Friends-(Doubt you have any)
        El Corazon del Valle
        Did you manage to sell any copies of this stuff? At the $0.99 store maybe.
        As for your art, lol my children hung better art on the fridge when they were kids.
        I couldn’t find the first screenplay written by you. Guess you must suck worse at that then your art, and your blogging. that’s pretty bad homeskillet. LOL!
        I don’t know if you’re the same Dan Holden from Comcast, if you are, best keep your day job homie, your writing, and artistic skills I equate with public bathroom stall wall graffiti.
        I think Lambasted would be an accurate way to describe what I just did to you, wouldn’t you agree? LOL
        In all fairness, you do make it really easy.

    • Greg
      April 24, 2013

      One teacher with a gun? You have to be joking. Have you ever seen anything more violent than someone offering to pull your wagging tongue out of your insipid mouth? The fact is you cannot teach a person to hit what they are aiming at under duress. An armed teacher would have been more likely to kill another student than to hit what they were aiming at, perhaps more when the bullets fly into the next rooms. This isn’t Hollywood and you sir aren’t Rambo. If you knew what you were talking about you wouldn’t even suggest arming teachers. Ask someone you may know about urban warfare or any warfare at all and find out how hard it is to keep your aim when your adrenaline is pumping. I do not want any responsible person to lose thier gun, i just want to take them out of the hands of aggressive crackpots like yourself. You are so obviously an abrasive, assinine, poo flinging monkey who’s word of the day toilet paper makes you think you are intelectual. As for the “Bush Years”, look who’s crying now? Everyone knows we had to put the wars on the books at some point. It just took a more honest president to say we have to pay for it. Who was in charge of the SEC when the financial collapse occured? That’s right kiddies it was BUSH. Who told the SEC to look the other way when this was going on? That’s right….BUSH. Who took us into a second warfront with no real reason for doing so….you got it BUSH, even after Israel (who had plenty of reason to hate Iraq) told us there were no WMD there. Besides, ask yourself this. If you dig a hole putting yourself in debt, doen’t it take alot more money than you borrowed to get there in order to dig yourself out? That is real life. Some people just cannot live without something to hate and unfortunately these are the monkeys who are getting the attention these days. Please don’t feed the monkey’s. Realize that not all republicans are as beligerent as this “man” and not all liberals are attacking your way of life, in fact most of both sides just want to live thier own lives without having every aspect of it raised as some sort of political question. This whole argument is not about politics, it is about right and wrong and whether the american people are going to be distracted by the monkeys turning it into a poo flinging contest.

      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 29, 2013

        Greg I was going to respond to you in a more civil tone, until I read a little further and seen you’re just a anti-Bush, Ant-war, probably anti-death penalty, except, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind seeing republicans get the chair, the needle, or the gas chamber, but not murderers, you’re probably pro-abortion, which is a contradiction, that democrats can’t see. Your parties belief is, hey no killing murderers, but infanticide is OK. You democrats are so full of double standards I wouldn’t know where to begin. You anti-everything morons disgust me. If you had 1 ounce of brains you would do some real research, and see who really screwed up this country, but your just another NPR loving, propaganda regurgitating, diatribe spewing Nescient lemming, that will never be able to accept the fact that you voted wrong TWICE. PERIOD! BTW don’t even try to label republicans as crap slingers, because that’s all your party does is run in front of the camera every single chance they get and point fingers at republicans. Palosi, Reid, Durbin, Boxer, Schultz, Dodd, Biden, and the all mighty OBAMA who hasn’t stopped pointing the finger at others since he took office. I could go on and on. Lets see, Republicans voted against giving the EPA full reign to regulate how they please, your party jumps in front of the camera and says republicans want dirty water, and dirty air. We vote against Obamacare, your party runs in front of the camera and says they want women, and children to die. Your sick and demented party even made a commercial with a Paul Ryan look alike pushing an old woman in a wheelchair off a cliff. Don’t you dare preach to me about Poo flinging, you worthless democrat. Oh BTW I hate to bust your “Heil Obama” bubble but Hitler was a socialist you imbecile. As for your anti teacher with a gun tirade, maybe you’re a pathetic loser that can’t hit the side of a barn with a shotgun, but anyone with a carry permit takes a course and can hit a target, under duress or not. Maybe you have no courage, will, or desire to defend yourself and children, but those of us with our sack intact, do have the courage, the will, and the desire. What a pathetic little Conscientious Objector coward you are.

      • Greg
        April 30, 2013

        That is all well and good Harry. My political leanings are my own. I vote for the more down to earth candidates who speak on real issues and don’t pander to the ignorant or use peoples fears in order to get voted in by what amounts to mob mentality. You assume i am pro abortion… i am not, personally. Do you see the qualifier there…”personally”. I believe the punishment should fit the crime whether it be the death penalty or whatever. I am not anti republican. I am anti ignorance, anti fear, anti hate. Maybe this will make you think a bit deeper than you have shown to be. You are prolife and that is a personal choice of yours. That is fine. You also seem willing to force others to give up thier constitutional rights in order irradicate aboertion in this country. The problem is you want others to give up thier rights for your beliefs, but you are not willing to give up what you percieve as your rights under the second amendment to save innocent lives taken by gun violence, even if all it meant was spending a little more time to get the gun you want. This is the mentality of a hypocrit. If you notice your assumption on my moral leanings,then good i hope you see that if not, i really could care less. Another assumption you made was me being anti war. I never said going into afganistan was the wrong thing to do, it was both warranted and needed. Iraq was not. At least it wasn’t under the pretense our esteemed president at the time lead us to believe. Wow you said “nescient” again.Isthat supposed to make me think you have a vocabulary that wasn’t something Rush Limbaugh spouted out of his P.T. Barnum like circus of a show. Your problem is you believe that your sensationalism and his makes everything you say as true. You act like a cornered animal, ready to fight, kill, scream, and cry to get yourself out. You fantasize that you and others like you are under attack, when noone gives a crap about what you have to say anymore. Yet you think if you are the wheel that squeeks the loudest maybe some day you will get the grease. Your attacks on me just show you probably have the mental and emotional maturity of a 3 year old. “If i cannot get what i want then noone will”. In the words of the late great P.T. Barnum…”There’s a sucker born every minute”. You seem to swallow the crap handed to you by these so called news programs like its a golden cow, or some othe c word i cannot type here. Are you a shutin? With all of the things you have shown yourself to be afraid of in society today i am surprised you can muster the courage to step outside your door. You spend your time attacking others so much that you probably never come up with any real solutions. This fact is what has become so apparent in the republican party. I do not agree with the republican party as i once did because they seem to be the party of victims. They see a enemy around every corner, outside every window, and at every turn in the road. This is why i went independent. Progress is not a bad word, it is inevitable and either get out of the way or get run over. Because minority rights, womens rights, voting rights and the like do not seem today like something to be legislated but, the opposition, republican party, has forced issues like this to be legislated. “all men are created equal” seems pretty plain to me, but some people have forced us to be more specific in our definition of what “all” means. My government cannot make me happy, only i can do that. My government cannot be the instrument of my hate, only i can. If you want to spend your life filled with hatred of people that have nothing to do with your day to day living then go ahead, but do not get on some blarney stone and b.s. me about some imaginary moral high ground you claim that you hold. Hitler was a Nationalist, and a Fascist you Neanderthal, and both of them are extremes of the right. Socialism/Communism are extremes of the left. Are you trying to say the liberals who care for human rights and social policy are more apt to be against allowing people from other countries into our borders? You should really open your eyes to the world, and to history. “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. By the way, how old are you? I didnt label republicans as crap slinger, i called you and those like you poo flingers because you are. I stated there are more people in the republican party that do not hold to your ideology then there are those that do. This is a true statement, and when the more sensable republicans take back the party from the poo flinging monkeys and get it back on track i may think about rejoining. As it stands i see one good repub candidate and that is Chris Christie. The others just look like more of the same crap that Palin was. I cannot believe that the party did not get the hint and contiued down this self defeating, hate speech giving, ignorance pandering road.

      • Greg
        April 30, 2013

        BTW i have probably done more for my country than you will ever comprehend. Your retort on the aiming under duress issue shows you have never seen battle and will continue to spew B.S. out of your mouth about another issue you have no first hand knowledge of. I lived it. So, another thing you are wrong about. Not just that i have first hand experience but, in any war we have fought in the modern age it has taken 10s of thousands of bullets to get one kill. The stats are easy to find if you know where to look, but that would require an individual thought process you have not shown me up to this point.

  8. Harry Hedgecock
    April 3, 2013

    Gabby giffords shooter Jared Lee Loughner was an anarchist who hated all politicians regardless of their affiliation, that’s why he wasn’t mentioned in the origal posting. Jared Lee Loughner registered as independent voter, which 99% of the time means democrat, because republicans do not ride the fence. He’s not religious, his favorite book is Hitler’s Mein Kampf, attended more then one of gabby’s rallys, and after she failed to answer a question to his liking he refered to her as a fake, I can only assume, (fake democrat) That obviously angered him enough to try and kill her. I would say the evidence is sufficient enough to put him in the democrat column.
    James Eagen Holmes Another independent, self proclaimed middle of the roader, born and raised in Cali, Father professor, mother a nurse, pretty much puts him in the democrat column, yet ABC News falsely reported Holmes a Tea Party member. Why is that?
    I could go on and on, but whats the point, simply put if they had been republicans 1) they wouldn’t have hiden it, everyone would know, and 2) your party and the media would have made damn sure everyone knew, Hell your party had Sarah Palin and Rush Limbough tared and feathered for Gabby Giffords being shot before she had even made it to the hospital.
    fact is your party has a lock on all that is insane in this country, just own up to, and be proud. Unfortunately the democrat party will never ever take responsibility for their mistakes.
    It’s like my 84 year old democrat mother that I care for, when I mention she should wear her glasses to wash dishes or just let me do them, she gets mad and says it’s my fault for letting the food get stuck to the plate. It boggles my mind, that somehow her failing to wash the dish properly is my fault, and it’s not just her age, she has been that way all my life. It’s like that with everything. Just goes to show, all of you democrats are the same, you just can’t accept the idea you did something wrong or someone else can do it better then you. It always has to be someone elses fault, every single time. Obama is still blaming Bush, how pathetic is your party.

    • Harry Hedgecock
      April 3, 2013

      My apologies I made a few grammatical errors.

    • Dan Holden
      April 4, 2013

      The only thing you have established here, and questionably at that, is the assertion that fence-sitters may in fact turn out to be mass murderers. Given that much of the GOP waited until the last minute to make up its mind about who to vote for in the last presidential election… We’ll let that thought linger a while.

      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 4, 2013

        Your weak responses only give me cannon fodder for future verbal floggings for you to endure, and your readers to enjoy. Thing is it seems your readership is severely limited. I would recommend you think long and hard about what you’re going to say before responding to my latest post. Maybe if word gets out about my tongue lashings I’ve been giving you, your readership might improve drastically. Everyone loves a good train wreck, which is what you are, ROTFLMAO!

    • donnadara
      April 8, 2013

      Wow! What kind of person makes fun of his mother to make a political point? Yeah, I’m going with everything you say is a lie, due to your lack of morality.

      • Dan Holden
        April 8, 2013


      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 9, 2013

        Donnadara, you pathetic little dweeb, I wasn’t making fun of my mother, I was giving an example of how most democrats, even my mother can not take responsibility for their mistakes, they have to point the finger elsewhere. But like most democrats you seen what you wanted to see, not what I actually wrote, So I’m going with everything you wrote is the moronic jibber jabber of an idiot, due to your painfully obvious stupidity.

      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 9, 2013

        She wasn’t talking to you Doofus Dan Holden, I see you can’t muster up a response to anything I said. I understand, it’s damn hard to argue with truth and facts isn’t it.
        Mr. Awesome writer is at a loss for words, when someone with an IQ above double digits challenges him.

    • Greg
      May 1, 2013

      Hmm let’s see here. Unemployment down, Osama Bin Laden dead, Stock Market returned to its former glory, National Debt becoming smaller and smalller percentage of GDP, We still have our guns,Veterans getting more employment opportunities. Yeah … um… if this is insane then i think would could all stand a little bit more crazy.

      • Cliff
        September 23, 2013

        Greg, if you served your country the say you say you did, I applaud you, I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I do applaud you, and I will say thank you for your service to our country. I spent 22 years in service to our country in the Army, and as for shooting under duress, you are partly true, But YES it is possible to be trained to overcome most, if not all of the nervousness that comes from being on the receiving end of a bullet, and the disarray of the moment. As for your statements about unemployment, the economy and the like, I would challenge you to do some research on the other side of those stats that cause you to make such statements. Then I have to ask you, are YOU doing better than you were a few years ago, or are the people in your community doing better than a few years ago? If anything like me, I am seeing things in stores and such that I would like to have, rather than being able to just buy those things. The state of the economy, is not always what we see in the news, more often than not, the state of the economy is what we feel in our wallets. I don’t know how true it is, if what many are saying about the coming full implementation of Obamacare is true, companies cutting work staff, cutting hours and so on, but even if it is half true, or economy is poised for a true nose dive. What that will look like in the coming year, is anyone’s guess right now…

    • Keith Brekhus
      July 13, 2013

      You think you can conclude he is a Democrat because he registered as an Independent, read Mein Kampf and shot a Democratic Congresswoman? I sure hope you aren’t a practicing Attorney.

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        June 24, 2014

        Just because the shooter shot a democrat, that means he isn’t a democrat? Wow, I sure as hell hope you’re not an attorney.

    • Keith Brekhus
      July 13, 2013

      You do realize that 52 percent of Independents voted for Mitt Romney, right? (In Arizona, the percentage for Romney was 6 points higher) But you think 99 percent of them are Democrats? You sort of live in your own invented version of reality don’t you?

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        June 24, 2014

        If 52 present of independents voted for Romney that just means they didn’t trust the Messiah Obama, who could blame them. But, how did they vote when it came to the house and senate? Ah, you got no answer for that do you?

  9. Harry Hedgecock
    April 4, 2013

    You really are rather infantile aren’t you? First you call me Roger, in a weak feeble minded attempt to funny, and insult me, but HaHaHa, the jokes on you because I am flattered to be called Roger Hedgecock. He has a radio show, what do you have, a server, lol. My neighbor has 3 servers and he is just a tech at a community college. Roger Hedgecock has more intelligence, and more money then you ever will Mr. Holden. My guess is you’re jealous of him. Now back to educating you.
    We had who we wanted to be the next president, but your party, and the media couldn’t stand to have a black republican become president so your kind Politically Lynched him. When he was just 5% in the polls there was nothing, not a peep from any girl, but once he got over 20% your pathetic little party got so scared they had to create a way to ruin him. He would have destroyed your precious empty suit Obama, and you know it. So your pathetic little party found a few girls that worked with him, every single one of them from 3 years in his 40 year career, all of which had financial issues, all from his 3 years at the democrat union controlled NRA. Nobody from burger king, nobody from Pillsbury, nobody from God Fathers pizza, and nobody from Federal Reserve, nobody from all the company boards he was a member of, nobody from the commissions he was a member of, just the democrat union controlled NRA. Not one piece of evidence, not a phone bill, not a hotel bill, not nothing. Just a bunch of unfounded lies causing his family so much undeserved grief, and harassment, it forced him to leave the race.
    Imagine that as soon as he got out of the race, those same gold digging tramps, their financial issues, and the stories disappeared. Why? Because they had achieved their goal of politically Lynching the best man for the job.
    That man had a long extensive career in both the business world, and politics as an adviser, and a member of the Economic Growth and Tax Reform Commission, making him 1000 times more qualified then that pathetic imbecile in the white house now, who has surrounded himself with unprosecuted criminal morons. Obama doesn’t make a pimple on Herman Cain’s Butt, and he never will.
    As far as what I have established, I’ve established a number of things.
    1)You use character attacks in a weak attempt to discredit your opposition. Which by the way only works on weak minded individuals.
    2) The democrats political ideology is not only flawed, but insanely illogical.
    3) The democrats so called fixes do more damage then the actual problems.
    4) The democrat party is comprised of insane hypocrites, and there double standards knows no bounds.
    5) This one is my favorite, I gave your readers more reasons to believe those guys were democrats then you gave them to believe they were not.
    6) I would venture to guess you have a college education vs my high school diploma, and I could crush you on any topic any day of the week. Do you know why I could demolish you on any topic? Because you my friend do not make a pimple on my butt intellectually. You my friend are a Nescient Lemming. I would even be willing to bet you will have to look that term up. I seriously doubt that is part of your vocabulary. Good day sir.

    • Marsaili
      April 18, 2013

      No, you did not give his readers more reasons to believe those guys were democrats—you gave us more reason to believe they ARE republicans and your long winded tirades and use of insults and put downs only reinforces the notion that conservatives are nothing more than a lot of hot air and words trying to disguise themselves as facts.

      • Harry Hedgecock
        April 29, 2013

        Marsaili you didn’t prove anything I said wrong, you only voiced your opinion that I proved nothing. To a close minded democrat like yourself, I’m sure I didn’t prove anything to you. You can’t add anything to a cup that’s already full, even if it is full of garbage. As far as my insults, I’m sorry I didn’t know I was obligated to be called someone he obviously finds loathsome, and not only not be insulted but apparently you think i shouldn’t even respond. And lets talk about who was the first to go on the attack. Did you even read the article? Mr. Holden’s very first paragraph isn’t Mr. Holden trying to prove they are not democrats, it’s attacking Roger Hedgecock, in a weak and feeble attempt to discredit Mr. Hedgecock’s statement based on military service or lack there of, and something from his past. Which demonstrated to anyone with a modicum of intelligence that Mr. Holden was merely trying to distract from the lack of merit in his own argument, in a futile attempt to discredit someone based on nothing that has to do with the context of the article. You’re a pathetic little nescient lemming, aren’t you. LMAO!

      • Cliff
        September 23, 2013

        I agree maybe Harry did rant a bit, but it was certainly entertaining. Too bad, as he has implied, so many liberals/democrats use emotions to think with rather than fact. If you just did a little fact-checking of your own, you might see much of what he has said is true….

  10. Greg
    April 24, 2013

    Wow!!! I notice a few incongruities with some of these responses.This mans post did not call any of these shooters republicans, he merely refuted the statements that people placed them as democrats. I can see his point since noone really knows anyones political affiliations unless they are told by that person. So why are the republicans in this blog getting so defensive? Point 6 in a response earlier makes it even more evident that this persons’ so called intellectuallism is looking more like a defense mechanism than any real debate on factual points. Remember sir that the more emotional one gets, the less logical they are. It is amazing to me that poeple would even try to politicize this topic at all. Were those children republican or democrat? Should that even matter? It is disgusting that such events these days are being thought of as left or right. You should be ashamed of yourselves. What happened was wrong, wrong, wrong!!! Rather than sacrifice a small amount of your time to do a background check or to reload, you would rather scream and rant about the poilitics in a situation that should have no political leaning what so ever. Unless you forgot, children were killed. Children who didnt care what a democrat or republican thought. God forbid this comes closer to our homes, because i would be asking myself “did i do enough?”. Are you sure you wouldn’t be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I do anything?”

  11. Greg
    April 24, 2013

    By the way, there are good people on both sides of the political fence that are tired of the lies slung about by both sides. The attacks i saw in this post against one side can and do just as well pertain to the other. Agressive posting such as this Hedgecock gentlemens’ only serves to show me and others that it is time for this minority of poo flinging monkeys shut up and let the adults have real conversations and run the country. I apologize for this attack sir. Perhaps you are just trying to illicit a certain response. Then again maybe you do believe that anyone who doesn’t think the way you do should be witch hunted, or tarred and feathered, or gassed, or dragged behind a truck down a dirt road until dead. You know who else believed these things? Hitler did. Mao did. Stalin did. No matter what extreme side you are on, it is the extremists that cause most of the hate, fear, mass killings in this world. So I say again, It is time for the poo flinging monkeys to shut up and let the adults run the world, they just might learn something.

  12. RacinJason
    April 24, 2013

    I’m with Harry!!!

    • Harry Hedgecock
      April 29, 2013

      Thank you!

      • Elizabeth Hammond
        November 2, 2013

        Wow after all that Hedgehog you FINALLY have a WINNER!!! Someone that agrees with you! LOL. I have read all of the comments up to here. It’s REALLY all I can STAND!! Just in case you don’t know it, YOU HAVE A SERIOUS MENTAL PROBLEM!!!! There have been people who have commented on here in a very reasonable way. Not saying their Political affiliation and just trying to have a reasonable conversation with you. However, that is IMPOSSIBLE!! You CAN’T reason with a CRAZY person!!! Roger Hedgecock’s writing which you defend!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! The man is a CRIMINAL a crime of CORRUPTION, you speak of it as though he had only littered. He is an OBVIOUS LYING THIEF!!! It is frightening to know that someone like you is out there,I believe YOU are a potential DANGER to society!!! You are a gun hugging, far right wing,hate filled, completely DELUSIONAL should I even say……..person??? And I BELIEVE that YOU ARE ROGER HEDGEHOG HIMSELF!!!! And then when you were commenting on you 84 year old Mother?? YOU DISGUST ME!!!! And YOU take care of her??? OMG!!!! God help her!!! You say you take care of her then WHY aren’t YOU doing the dish’s azzhole???! And if she enjoys doing them,why can’t YOU just rinse them off to make sure that they aren’t as difficult for her to clean without her glass’s on!!?? WHY?? Your to busy on here defending YOURSELF!!! And ALL the ILK you stand for!! And DON’T bother commenting back to me I have NO interest in reading ANY MORE of you GARBAGE!! That’s ALL it is!! Most on here have already said to you what I would have written anyways, and unlike some people I don’t repeat what others have written. But I DID want you to know what I think of you, YOU ARE Roger Hedgehog and btw that’s NOT a typo NUT BAG!! WHY??? Because Ye protests to MUCH!! Or maybe your one of those takers that just sits home on their lazy azz’s and collects FREEBIE’S from the Government!! GET some Mental Therapy, YOU need it DESPERATELY!!!! But my guess would be….you already know that. And Greg even though I agree with most who commented on here, your comments were RIGHT ON!!! You showed NO bias Politically, you were RIGHT in the middle EXACTLY where an Independent should be. And YOU CAN’T REASON or have an INTELLIGENT conversation with a CRAZY ……person???? I would NO longer waste my time if I were you.

  13. Greg
    May 2, 2013

    To Dan. I can comprehend what you have written unlike this person who seems to think attacking someone on a personal level even comes close to a debate on factual points. By the list of books he seemed so willing to bring forth, i can see you have many more achievements in your life than this biligerent, hate spouting, moron. At every post of his in this column i can see that he either didn’t read or didn’t comprehend what he was reading. This is probably the reason why his argument sunk to the level of a 3 year old. At no point in his arguments did he even come close to a logical, factual, mature point of view ,and i have to commend you on your patience. Perhaps writing the books you have gave you some insite into the mind of the halfwit. Hats off to you Dan. You have more patience with ignorant, poo flinging monkeys than i ever will.

    • Harry Lee Hedgecock
      May 6, 2013

      Greg, you don’t equal a pimple on my butt. Just because you have the abilty to string words together creating sentences, does not in any way prove intelligence on your part, it simply states you’re not illiterate. However I would be willing to bet your IQ is only double digits.
      You’re an infantile Nescient Lemming that will never amount to anything. I however have an important function in my community, by making sure every business in my community is safe for patrons to visit. I seriously doubt you can boast such an importance to your community.
      Poo flinging monkeys is a very suitable description of you, and the democrat party, well done Greg, I couldn’t have described you, and them better myself. I grew up in south Florida, so I had the privilege to go to the Democrat Jungle, and see poo flinging democrats any time I wanted. There was big democrats, little democrats, even a few talented democrats to put on a show for us in the big cage, but they all flung poo, and some even showed their butts, just like real democrats. At the end when you were leaving you could buy a little statue that showed 3 democrats in a row, 1 covering it’s eyes, 1 covering it’s ears, and the 3rd one covering it’s mouth. It’s a shame real democrats don’t live by that motto.
      As for your letting “the adults” run the country, well after 5 years we see where that has gotten us. 16 trillion in debt, 1.2 trillion deficit, just under 8% unemployment as the new normal, out of control spending, like a teenager with daddy’s credit card, More people on welfare then ever in the history of this country, US credit rating down graded to AA+ from AAA+, Canada’s currency surpassing ours in value, inflation high and only rising.
      A president ordering drone strikes on US citizens in Yemen, without due process, and killing innocent 16 year old children in the process.
      A president that sits around, and does nothing while US citizens and troops are murdered in Benghazi.
      A president that has printed more US currency then Jimmy Carter, that we do not have the gold to back, causing the US dollar devaluation.
      During all this he has spent more on vacations then any republican president, not earning the first one. I could go on but whats the point, you’re a empty hard-drive robot that only believes what your masters program you to believe anyways.
      If thats how your adults run things, give me back the children of the Bush administration, please.
      You are most definitely the ignorant, moron, know nothing halfwit, not I.
      I have patience though, you’re incompetent messiah is ruining it for democrats for the next 20 years. Enjoy the republican reign, I will. Get ready to show ID to vote, no more fraud filled elections like the last 2.

      • Elizabeth Hammond
        November 2, 2013

        Actually Hedgehog, YOU need to forget about the GOP or tea party whatever your affiliation.They have become such an embarrassment with just simply opening their mouths! With trying to control what a woman can do with her OWN body. I ASSURE you they have awakened a sleeping giant, that is NOW VERY ANGRY!! And there are men and I mean REAL men that are just as angered by it! Woman voters will be coming out in droves in 2014 and 2016!! There will be NOTHING left of the GOP or tea party and IF there is it will be NOTHING but a trickle. I was a Republican all my life up until 2012. I could NO LONGER stand what NOW has become TOTAL HYPOCRISY!! They have allowed the tea party lead them by the hand into total DESTRUCTION!!! And you EPITOMIZE the same!! And as far as 2016 ANYONE from the GOP or tea party, whatever is left of what is became a dying party will NOT even get CLOSE ENOUGH to sniff the Whitehouse! YOU are the ignorant, moron, know nothing halfwit!! Get OUT while you can, you will only look MUCH worse when the elections come and once again LOSE!! It will start this Tuesday in Virginia, just wait and see!!

  14. Keith Brekhus
    May 10, 2013

    Good work. Yes, the idea that these folks were all Democrats has been debunked several times over. For example, check this link…

  15. Harry Hedgecock
    June 23, 2013

    I shall not reply to these 2 latest posts by the poo flinging monkey Greg, and Mr. Kieth with his link to the left wing propaganda spreader, the Examiner, because I already have, and like most democrats my posts were deleted. If you can not beat the republican with a debate on merit, then step on his first amendment rights and silence him, RIGHT DAN. The only way a democrat can win, I don’t expect you to allow this to remain posted Dan, I’m sure you wouldn’t want people to know you’re a believer in the first amendment rights, as long as the person talking agrees with you, right Dan? It’s merely for your eyes anyways.

    • Keith Brekhus
      June 23, 2013

      I wrote the Examiner piece myself, but I see rather than challenge the merits of my argument you dismiss the Examiner as a left wing propaganda spreader, when it of course is nothing of the sort. Kyle Rogers and Dean Chambers, two right-wingers also write for the Examiner. Journalistically its standards might be considered low perhaps, but the owner is a right-winger as is much of the content tilted to the right. But on to the more specific point, what in the article do you find to be inaccurate?

      • Dan Holden
        July 13, 2013

        Thanks for your article, by the way. Well done.

  16. Greg
    July 2, 2013

    Wow.. Harry you prove yourself incapable of comprehending what you read yet again. It seems you have the “I am the victim” attitude i have seen so much in the way to far right wingers lately. Again i will say it. Noone said they were repubs in this article and in the words of Shakespeir “Me thinks thou dos’t protest too much”. I am a moderate, which means i agree with the more sensible people in this country whether they are repub or democrat. You and those like you have forced me out of the repub party with your militant talk and your inability to see the truth in things because you hate to admit you might be wrong. In a democracy people discuss and come to agreements on how to move the country forward. That is the way it was supposed to work. Ever since Obama took office, by a majority so wide that Romney had to concede bythe way, instead of getting on with the business of the country i have seen Republicans stonewall the president at every turn. My repub party that used to consist of adults has been turned into a bunch of babies that act like thier bottle was stolen from them, screaming inflamatory comments, wasting taxpayer time and money looking for scandals that were quite frankly overlooked during the Bush administration. I don’t vote for frat boys. I vote for people that i think have the ability intellectually to understand and push this country, sometimes kicking and screaming, into progress. Yeah i said it, progress, because without it we would still be dancing half naked around fires chanting to some pagan god. Intelligence is not because you think you know everything without questioning but rather because you question everything you think you know.

  17. Great post.

  18. Mike Nunberg
    November 4, 2013

    Typical lib’. First thing you do is defame the source of what you are about to deny. Then proceed to answer questions and put facts (rumors, assumptions and fabrications (lies)) into evidence that have nothing to do with the premise of the statements you are rebutting. Then after pontificating endlessly about irrelevent issues, you claim you have proven your point.
    Granted these people should not have had guns. How would YOU have prevented that, without infringing on law abiding citizens persuing their hobbies.
    And on another point, there is no such thing as an “assault rife” in the hands of the American civilian. None of the weapons used in these incidents were fully automatic. The classification of a rifle as “assault” or not, is purely due to cosmetic considerations. I have one rifle that with a wood stock on it, is 50 states legal. Including in “The Peoples Republic of California”. The exact same gun (mechanism, magazine, barrel etc.) with a plastic folding stock is classified as an “assault rifle”. The classification has nothing to do with the lethality of the weapon. In fact, the .223 caliber that most of these “assault” rifles shoot is at the BOTTOM end of the range of power of rifle cartridges. Most all LEGAL hunting rifles have far more killing power than the evil black rifles the liberals want to ban. You need to get educated about what you are talking about before you condem them.

    • Dan Holden
      November 4, 2013

      I’ll just say I’m satisfied that my point was made when you admitted that these people should not have had guns. Bye.

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        June 24, 2014

        Wow, just Wow. You’re satisfied your point was made because we admit these lunatics shouldn’t have had guns. LMAO
        Just because we agree these lunatics shouldn’t have had guns, does not mean we think our 2nd amendment rights should be circumvented and trampled on just to make sure they don’t have guns.

        “Those willing to give up freedom in exchange for security,deserves neither”.

        (Benjamin Franklin)

  19. Mike nunberg
    November 4, 2013

    Hey! What happened to my post from earlier today? Are you selectively deleting conservative posts that successfully rebutt you rediculus blog?

    • Dan Holden
      November 4, 2013

      This blog is set up such that I have to approve all comments by new commenters. Now that I have approved this one you can comment to your heart’s delight. However don’t expect me to read all of them, I am pretty busy with other stuff that actually generates income. This is just a fun blog.

  20. Buchko
    November 12, 2013

    Kids are more likely to rebel against their parents politics. Your argument is weak.

    • Dan Holden
      November 17, 2013

      Umm, no, you and i are in agreement that kids are likely to rebel against their parents’ politics. That is not, however, my central argument.

  21. PoliticiansRcrooks
    November 15, 2013

    Go to any prison in the land the serial murderers are by a LARGE WIDE majority Democrats and liberals. Perhaps the five most media driven worst (which by sheer numbers were not) maybe GOP but again. Demographics are clear prisons are not filled to overflowing with Christian Conservatives they are filled to overflowing with liberals. Pure simple stats………libs commit more crime, gang bangers are not conservatives genius. Castro in example the rapist pedophile kidnapper was a DEMOCRAT…..most of the mass shooters of recent note were democrats or minor sons of democrats……….Even Tim McVey, home grown terrorist was a democrat son of a union democrat that became republican while in the military then switched to independent NON party affiliation when he committed his act of terrorism because he was ANTI EVERYTHING GOVERNMENT. Bottom line author does not have a clue.

    • Dan Holden
      November 17, 2013

      You have no clue what you are saying and have probably never seen the inside of a prison. Further, the correlation between incarceration and mass murder is not nearly as strong as the correlation between mental illness and mass murder. Finally, conservatives are not geniuses. Statistically, most are undereducated midwesterners and southerners.

      • Mike nunberg
        November 17, 2013

        Wjere the hell do you come up with that crap? Southerners? You mean like the raceist slave owning Southern Democrats? Quit rewriting history and quoting non-exsistant statistics?

      • mariahwwa
        November 19, 2013

        I’ve kept quiet, but now you’re pissing me off. I’m working on my Ph.D! Uneducated…I don’t think so! My whole family; parents, grandparents, brother, uncles, aunts are all doctors! My husbands family was only high school….but every single one of their kids has gone into a professional field.

        You can kiss my ass when you condemn midwesterners and southerners. You know absolutely nothing about us. When you do that, it makes us want to fire back with all the negative lib, illegal supporting, drug supporting (make everything legal and it solves all the problems) mentality. Blanket statements from either side are ASSININE.

        Now, so you know where I stand. I was lib until Obama. Plain fact. He’s lied through his teeth so much and yes, attacked my 2nd amendment rights to the point that he is garbage to me. But then I think ALL POLITICIANS are garbage….it comes down to the lesser of 2 evils at the voting booth.

        Here’s where my conservative friends differ from me. Although, like you said, I PERSONALLY do not approve of abortion, I would not want any man, law, or any other person telling me what I can do with my body. If it’s wrong (personally it is), in the end that is between me and my GOD….not some stupid politician.

        On the flip side….it is not some politician’s right to take away my 2nd amendment right and that is exactly what Obama wants and has always wanted all the way back to his Senate position. And there are videos of that disgrace to humanity – Feinstein saying (and this was in 95 – her views have only gotten stronger)….’if I could have gotten 51 votes, I would have said I’m coming for your guns, Mr. and Mrs. America’.

        In what world does that NOT MEAN confiscation? Idiots out there on gun rights.

        How do you keep the mentally ill away from guns? I don’t know. Background checks aren’t going to do it. Plus, the UN wants gun registration….READ THE BILL.

        This is called ‘baby steps’. If I took the time I could find the author who said that taking our guns away won’t happen at once, it will be done in baby steps to the point that the generation before will have found it normal until there is no rights.

        So, when you attack a certain region, you deserved to be attacked back. I could have used nasty words….the libs aren’t the only ones capable of that…but that causes readers to shut down…or respond in kind.

        And to the woman going off about abortion…..just remember I agree with you on that one….but there is way too many other issues that OBama and the libs support that are going to change our way of life drastically and not in a good way.

        As to Ocare….it’s lies. We had excellent insurance. It went from ZERO deductible to $6000, premiums doubled, pharmacy doubled, and benefits went down. On top of that the factory hubby works for due to OBama’s rules are only allowed ONE insurance company – 2 different plans, but ONE company. Then on top of that there is an article in Obamacare that goes way beyond stupidity. THEY PUT A CAP on the benefits you can receive!!! The company said they had to reduce our benefits because they would pay a penalty of around a million dollars a year if they gave us TOO MUCH

        HOW STUPID is that. But that’s Obama. Yea, make everything so equal that even if you are willing to pay more (which we had not had to do), they CAN’T GIVE IT TO YOU. What an asshole. This is not rumor. This is straight info told at the factory meetings during the annual sign up period. so don’t argue with me on this one. WE ARE LIVING it. And all you whose insurance went down….you can think my husband and I….we are picking up your slack.

      • matt hartl
        November 26, 2013

        wow undereducated Midwesterners and southerner’s? You self righteous arrogant old goat. Sir you are an elitist prick. Why is California continually ranked in the bottom third of education rankings? In fact the west coast s a whole makes up the bottom third of most of these lists. But from what I have read tonight facts don’t deem to get in your way.

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        June 24, 2014

        I like how you inferred that the more educated you are the more genius you will be, while the less educated are doomed to be ignorant. lol
        Nothing could be further from the truth. Having a degree in a specific field does not in any way make you smarter then someone without. It just means you can perform a job that person can not.
        A mechanic doesn’t require a college education, but I guarantee the percentage of college grads that can rebuild and engine or transmission is very low. Where as the lower to middle class the percentage is much, much higher out of necessity, because the lower to middle class can’t always afford to pay a mechanic.
        So if say a carpenter, can also rebuild his own engine yet all you can do is say work on wall street, then I guess that would make that lowly uneducated person, smarter then you because they can perform 2 jobs to your 1.
        Also living in reality, without that silver spoon tends to make a person more enlightened, then your educated geniuses. Wouldn’t you agree.
        That being said, I think it would be more beneficial to the country to elect a blue collar for president, then one of you “educated geniuses”.
        A little tip, a large percentage of blue collar workers are conservative.
        The majority of welfare recipients, 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients and state prison inmates are democrats.
        Federal prisons are mostly conservative.
        A person’s geographical origins has very little, if anything to do with party affiliation.
        Man can you Liberals sure can reach when you’re stumped.

  22. Brian "Gunny" Zins
    November 30, 2013

    Were any of them NRA members?

    All this article did was make wild accusations.

    • Dan Holden
      December 15, 2013

      What makes you say they were not NRA members? Did you fact check?

      • Harry Lee Hedgecock
        June 24, 2014

        If they were NRA members your democrat lapdogs in the media would plastered it all over the TV, and NPR. The fact that they didn’t is our fact check. If the news isn’t reporting something detrimental to the republican party, then it doesn’t exist, and they are unable to fabricate it without getting caught.

  23. Tom Moran
    December 15, 2013

    Another democrat goes postal, this time even the Denver Post is covering it up by originally identifying him as a Socialist but then editing that out of later online editions.
    “The teenage gunman who entered Arapahoe High School on Friday afternoon and shot two fellow students with a shotgun was outspoken about politics, was a gifted debater and might have been bullied for his beliefs, according to students who knew him.”

    Read more: Arapahoe High gunman held strong political beliefs, classmates said – The Denver Post
    Read The Denver Post’s Terms of Use of its content:
    Follow us: @Denverpost on Twitter | Denverpost on Facebook

    • Dan Holden
      December 15, 2013

      I don’t know how you figure he was a Democrat from this, Tom. His friends describe him as being outside normal political ideologies and he clearly challenged both Republicans and neocon Democrats according to the story. Stick to the facts.

  24. Preston Venzant
    January 27, 2014

    Can I tell all of you something? EVERYTHING is not politics. Only people who think of everything from a political mindset misses that these killers are equal opportunity murderers. They could care less. They simply hate you and they want you and as many as they can get to die. They simply want you dead. Black, white, red or yellow if you are in their pathway when they are in that evil way you are dead. It has nothing to do with the NRA, DNC, RNC, The president, congressional members or anything else. Just like people have a love of lying these monsters have a love of murder. Wake up people. Your hatred of political parties shows a madness that is the same as murder. There is something wrong with every political party, religion, country, man, and everything else. Stop coming up with bogus reasons to hate. Do the best thing ever. Love one anther.

  25. hockeygrin
    February 13, 2014

    Nothing but the truth emits from Roger Hugecock’s wonderful lips

  26. MadMaxx
    February 18, 2014

    Ya know what…the way I see it is ALL you media people are full of shit and push your own opinion and agenda rather than fact. You lie when the truth would fit better. You incite verbal riots to further your articles agenda in hopes it goes viral and gets you a real job with a bigger rag. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and your lack of integrity!

  27. MadMaxx
    February 18, 2014

    And I just HAD to comment on your ignorant comment of Hasans “…extensive weapons training and ready access to weapons…”. You have no clue what you’re talking about. Just because you think it to be true doesn’t mean it is. He was a psychiatrist not an 11B infantryman. Even as an officer, he did not have the authority to walk into an armory and check out a weapon on a whim. You’re clueless as to how the military even works…and what do we do when we don’t know what we’re talking about? That’s right, we shut our pie holes!

    5 years Army 11B
    15 years Navy Gunners Mate
    Two tours in the Middle East
    0812 certified

    • Harry Lee Hedgecock
      June 24, 2014

      I respectfully thank you for your service to our country, and for your rip on Dan Holden. It was truly a great read. I’m also thankful you had a safe return home, I wish many more could have, and hope many more do.

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