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What the hell is John McAfee going to talk about?

John Mcafee 2What is John McAfee going to talk about with me at C2SV on Saturday, September 28?

We’ll have a wide ranging discussion, talking about his life in Belize, running a pharmaceutical business and cavorting with several young women. We’ll talk about allegations of drug use.

We’ll talk about his run-in with local authorities, and the shooting death of a neighbor that prompted his  exit from Belize to Guatemala and eventually his extradition to the US.

Then we’ll reflect back for a few minutes to discover how the hell McAfee go to that crazy place after being one of the most successful tech leaders in Silicon Valley in the 1990s.

Perhaps just as importantly, we’ll look at John’s latest ventures, including his marriage to Janice Dyson, his collaboration with cartoonist Chad Essley on a graphic novel, and two movies about his exploits.

Finally, we’ll reveal a new business, Future Tense, and a new product which he promises will deliver an unhackable Internet experience.  Follow the fun in person at C2SV at the San Jose Convention Center at 1:30 or follow the conversation on Twitter at #c2sv.

2 comments on “What the hell is John McAfee going to talk about?

  1. McAfee Truth (@mcafee_truth)
    September 28, 2013

    It’s cool you had a nice chat with McAfee. The fact is, the man did what he did and there’s no changing that. He was in Belize screwing little kids, killed his neighbor and has been making a spectacle of himself ever sense. I figure the man is going broke quickly so he needs a new act and being a shyster is all he knows. If he can get Venture Capital for something that will never transpire than he has won his goal of keeping his pockets padded.

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