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Studio Bongiorno is in its Element with Halloween Show

Halloween 1Phil Bongiorno was in his element today with the opening of a new exhibit called “HALLOWED…To Respect and Honor Greatly” at Studio Bongiorno (500 Lincoln Street, Santa Clara CA 95050).

The opening night artist salon began at 7pm Saturday and the show will close with a Dia De Los Muertos costume party on November 1 at 7pm.

In between, visitors will be treated to a stunning variety of Halloween-themed art by over 15 local artists including Renee Berglund, Emily Bones, Timothy Dilbeck, Carolann Espino, Krista Kahl, Kimy Martinez, Olivia & Melissa of Stagi Works, Chris Moon, Kim Munson, Beth Redmond, Jenifer Renzel, Eric Shaffer, Bill Sutphen, Johann Uribes, Mary Waclaw, Chelsi Whiting, and the artist/owner of the studio, Phil Bongiorno, whose own works fit the theme like paint on a canvas.

The studio brims with imaginative creations, all of them clearly a celebration. Some pieces are pure fantasy, like Eric Shaffer’s stunning ceramic creatures and Emily Bones’ skeletal wonders using the bones of a variety of animals. Others, including arrangements by Carolann Espino, Krista Kahl and Bill Sutphen, bring a refreshing yet traditional perspective to a theme that is hundreds of years old.

Halloween 3The gallery, which features its own expresso bar and a peaceful outdoor garden, is every artists’ dream of Halloween. Whether you work with paint or stone, pens or dance, this show is sure to please and inspire.

One comment on “Studio Bongiorno is in its Element with Halloween Show

  1. Carolann Espino
    October 12, 2013

    Great article.

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