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Insurance Industry ‘Cancellations’: Another Name for Patient Dumping

cancelledThere’s a name for what the insurance industry is doing to Obamacare. It’s called patient dumping and if they did it as a hospital or a hospice, it would be patently illegal (except, apparently, in Nevada and Arizona).

This isn’t a fault of Obamacare, it’s a loophole that the insurance industry’s worst providers are running through with all haste because they know that hole is going to be closed pretty quick. In the meantime, the GOP is trying to make as much political hay out of the situation as they can.

But make no mistake: This isn’t a fault of Obamacare. It is just the same old insurance industry crooks in collusion with the same old Capital Hill crooks working to get the same profit without giving you or anyone else any return for it. It’s criminal, that’s all.

There are two components to this , one is that the companies are canceling non compliant policies which is a form of dumping because they could have simply revised the policies to make them compliant but chose not to.

The other component (and the reason they chose dumping over compliance) is that all of these policies are on the individual market, which is made up of A.

People who have been dumped from a shared policy, usually because if chronic illness; B people who are self employed including building trades which means high injury rates; and people who are contractors or underemployed which could be a marker for various other issues.

All of which are ways of gleaning the herd to remove those individual’s most likely to need coverage.

This is also a form if subterfuge against Obamacare because it loads the state sponsored programs with sicker people which could make it harder to maintain competitive rates.

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