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Glenn Beck’s Advertisers are Nuts, Too

A while back I thought I would give myself a treat by signing up for free entertainment, in the form of a subscription to right-wing nutjob Glenn Beck’s daily newsletter, The Blaze.

OK it wasn’t just for entertainment, my real purpose was to be able to see just exactly what that A-bite what saying, so I would know whether any of the progressive social media to which I subscribe weren’t somehow taking his dutifully researched claims out of context. (Result: Beck has no context. He exists in his own conspiratorial fantasy land.)

But I also made a not-very-surprising discovery in the process.

Listed below – for your entertainment – are the subject lines of emails sent out by sponsors of The Blaze using the newsletter’s email list.  I’m publishing this merely to point out, as if it really needs pointing out, that (A) Conservative rants are designed to terrify people and (B) they are also conveniently well-aligned to a variety of products and services that prey on individuals who are scared shitless about any number of possible conspiracies coming true.

Not that it’s news, but it is interesting to see how overt the connection is…OMG I am beginning to sound like that ass!.

Truly, you have to be an idiot to believe this shit.

Again, these are email subject lines from advertisers sponsoring Glenn Beck’s The Blaze (my commentary in parenthesis):