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Eich’s Ouster was a Natural Outcome


Venturebeat’s article shaming Silicon Valley for Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s ouster completely ignores two important facts:

1. As a founder and CTO, Eich’s position had already been tolerated for several years and

2. A CEO must rise to a higher standard.

As the primary representative of the company, a CEO must fully embrace that role, including its brand identity.

Mozilla is about inclusion and openness.

Eich’s personal beliefs were clearly not inclusive and he wasn’t open about that.

Was it wrong that an organic outcry developed over this? No.

Was it regrettable, in retrospect? Time will tell.

But one thing is clear: Corporate America must be accountable to more than itself. The people must have a voice. Social media is the obvious voice, and the people have used it.

It’s often said that a corporation is not a democracy. What’s left unsaid is that revolt is always an option.