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Dan is a social media strategist, writer and content developer specializing in the social media, semiconductor and wireless communications industries.  All statements, observations and opinions in this blog are my own.

In addition to designing, developing and implementing social media environments, Dan is a freelance journalist and content developer drawing on 25 years of experience covering wireless networking, mobile computing, social media, game technology, design automation, optical engineering, semiconductor manufacturing, alternative energy and communications.

Dan is also an editorial team member of the Social Media Club and a founding member of the Social Media Club’s Silicon Valley Chapter. He is also the official storyteller for TEDxSanJoseCA. Dan writes extensively on technology, tech history and tech communications in his widely circulated SiliconCowboy blog. His Twitter address is @dan_holden.

Dan’s work experience includes a positions at  Altera Corporation, Broadcom Corporation, Cadence Design Systems and TSMC, among others. Before that he was a business and tech industry staff reporter at Electronic News and the San Jose Business Journal and a freelance writer for several other industry publications.  He began his career as a contract technical writer for Intel Scientific and Tektronix, Inc.

An award-winning short story and screenwriter, Dan also posts much of his creative writing to a blog called  En Vidrio.

Contact Dan at any time at

SiliconCowboy is a registered trademark of Dan Holden.

9 comments on “About

  1. Dean Anderson
    August 21, 2009

    Dan, you have an interesting blog here. Enjoyed reading about your family and ranch and professional pursuits and, of course, your blog entry. Am going to bookmark you and visit again for updates. Dean

    • siliconcowboy
      August 21, 2009

      Thanks, Dean! I appreciate your feedback.

  2. Charlie Patin
    August 21, 2009

    Dan, I found your blog because Dean Anderson featured it on his FB post and I’m a FB friend of Dean. Have only read a little but like what I see. Will come back and read more and hopefully add my 2 cents. Charlie

  3. MIke Sottak
    August 28, 2009

    Hey Dan
    Belatedly, it was great to see you at DAC, even for a short hallway run-in. I just came across your blog and am kicking myself because my daughter (Savannah, 9), who was with me in SF, would have loved to have seen your ranch and meet your kids – and horses. We have a 5 year old, Lindsey, too, but Savannah is just getting into horseback riding. Let’s stay in touch and maybe we can get them all together sometime.
    Hope all is well at Cadence.

    • siliconcowboy
      August 28, 2009

      Awww, that would have been great! Next time for sure. My daughters would have loved to meet them!! Meantime take care, it was good to see you, happy that things continue to go well for WiredIsland.

      • MIke Sottak
        September 4, 2009

        Here is our Caribbean ranch – This is where Savannah trains and worked this summer. If you go under their news section and click the horse show story, you can see here and her horse Limbo.

  4. Great Technology
    May 14, 2010

    best regard from Indonesia 🙂

  5. John Miklosz
    June 26, 2010

    I’ve just added your blog to the Blog Roll. Being a physicist by nature and training, I really enjoyed the “The First Fly Ever Zapped In a Cathedral.” I new a lot of guys who did research at Yale using a van deGraff accelerator, a descendant of the CW accelerator.

  6. siliconcowboy
    June 26, 2010


    Thank you, I am honored! And very glad you enjoyed the story!

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